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Person Details: James R. Stringer

Superfund Research Program

James R. Stringer

University of Cincinnati
Department of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0524
Phone: 513-558-0069
Fax: 513-558-0301
Email: James.Stringer@UC.Edu





  • Larson JS, Stringer SL, Stringer JR. 2004. Impact of mismatch repair deficiency on genomic stability in the maternal germline and during early embryonic development. Mutat Res 556(1-2):45-53. PMID:15491631
  • Stringer JR, Larson JS, Fischer JM, Stringer SL. 2004. Increased mutation in mice genetically predisposed to oxidative damage in the brain. Mutat Res 556(1-2):127-134. PMID:15491640


  • Cervantes RB, Stringer JR, Shao C, Tischfield JA, Stambrook PJ. 2002. Embryonic stem cells and somatic cells differ in mutation frequency and type. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 99:3586-3590. PMID:11891338
  • Hersh MN, Stambrook PJ, Stringer JR. 2002. Visualization of mosaicism in tissues of normal and mismatch-repair-deficient mice carrying a microsatellite-containing transgene. Mutat Res 505(1):51-62. PMID:12175905
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