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Your Environment. Your Health.

Person Details: Margaret J. Kupferle

Superfund Research Program

Margaret J. Kupferle

University of Cincinnati
PO Box 210018
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0018
Phone: 513-556-3329
Fax: 513-556-2599




  • Kupferle MJ, Galal A, Bishop PL. 2004. Electrolytic treatment of azo dyes containing o,o '-dihydroxyazo complexation sites. Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science 3(4):223-229.


  • Zhang X, Bishop PL, Kupferle MJ. 1998. Measurement of polysaccharides and protein in biofilm extracellular polymers. Water Sci Technol 37(4-5):345-348.


  • Zhang TC, Fu YC, Bishop PL, Kupferle MJ, Fitzgerald S, Jiang HH, Harmer C. 1995. Transport and biodegradation of toxic organics in biofilms. J Hazard Mater 41(2-3):267-285.
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