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Person Details: Yan Zheng

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Superfund Research Program

Yan Zheng

Columbia University
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
405 Comer
Palisades, New York 10964
Phone: 845-365-8305


Research Briefs



  • Shen Y, Wiita E, Nghiem AA, Liu J, Haque E, Austin RN, Seng CY, Phan K, Zheng Y, Bostick BC. 2023. Zinc localization and speciation in rice grain under variable soil zinc deficiency. Plant Soil 102:doi:10.1007/s11104-023-06140-1


  • Barron A, Sun J, Passaretti S, Sbarbati C, Barbieri M, Colombani N, Jamieson J, Bostick BC, Zheng Y, Mastrocicco M, Petitta M, Prommer H. 2022. In situ arsenic immobilisation for coastal aquifers using stimulated iron cycling: Lab-based viability assessment. Appl Geochem 136:105155. doi:10.1016/j.apgeochem.2021.105155 PMID:34955596 PMCID:PMC8699153


  • Sun Y, Sun J, Nghiem AA, Bostick BC, Ellis T, Han L, Li Z, Liu S, Han S, Zhang M, Xia Y, Zheng Y. 2021. Reduction of iron (hydr)oxide-bound arsenate: Evidence from high depth resolution sampling of a reducing aquifer in Yinchuan Plain, China. J Hazard Mater 406(14):124615. doi:10.1016/j.jhazmat.2020.124615 PMID:33310320 PMCID:PMC7937834



  • Flanagan SV, Gleason JA, Spayd SE, Procopio NA, Rockafellow-Baldoni M, Braman S, Chillrud SN, Zheng Y. 2018. Health protective behavior following required arsenic testing under the New Jersey Private Well Testing Act. Int J Hyg Environ Health 221(6):929-940. doi:10.1016/j.ijheh.2018.05.008 PMID:29884571 PMCID:PMC6219474





  • Yang Q, Smitherman P, Hess CT, Culbertson CW, Marvinney RG, Smith AE, Zheng Y. 2014. Uranium and radon in private bedrock well water in Maine: Geospatial analysis at two scales. Environ Sci Technol 48:4298-4306. doi:10.1021/es405020k PMID:24655434 PMCID:PMC3993615


  • Mailloux BJ, Trembath-Reichert E, Cheung J, Watson M, Stute M, Freyer GA, Ferguson AS, Ahmed KM, Alam M, Buchholz BA, Thomas J, Layton AC, Zheng Y, Bostick BC, van Geen AF. 2013. Advection of surface-derived organic carbon fuels microbial reduction in Bangladesh groundwater. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 110(14):5331-5335. doi:10.1073/pnas.1213141110 PMID:23487743 PMCID:PMC3619377


  • George CM, Zheng Y, Graziano JH, Bin Rasul S, Hossain Z, Mey JL, van Geen AF. 2012. Evaluation of an arsenic test kit for rapid well screening in Bangladesh. Environ Sci Technol 46(20):11213-11219. doi:10.1021/es300253p PMID:22866936 PMCID:PMC3653972


  • Radloff KA, Zheng Y, Michael H, Stute M, Bostick BC, Mihajlov I, Huq MR, Choudhury A, Rahman MW, Schlosser P, Ahmed KM, van Geen AF. 2011. Arsenic migration to deep groundwater in Bangladesh influenced by adsorption and water demand. Nat Geosci 4:793-798. doi:10.1038/ngeo1283 PMID:22308168 PMCID:PMC3269239


  • Garnier JM, Travassac F, Lenoble V, Rose J, Zheng Y, Hossain M, Chowdhury S, Biswas A, Ahmed KM, Cheng Z, van Geen AF. 2010. Temporal variations in arsenic uptake by rice plants in Bangladesh: The role of iron plaque in paddy fields irrigated with groundwater. Sci Total Environ 408(19):4185-4193. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2010.05.019 PMID:20576285 PMCID:PMC2908012


  • Datta S, Mailloux BJ, Jung H, Hoque MA, Stute M, Ahmed KM, Zheng Y. 2009. Redox trapping of arsenic during groundwater discharge in sediments from the Meghna riverbank in Bangladesh. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106(40):16930-16935. doi:10.1073/pnas.0908168106 PMID:19805180 PMCID:PMC2761342
  • Jung H, Charette MA, Zheng Y. 2009. Field, laboratory, and modeling study of reactive transport of groundwater arsenic in a coastal aquifer. Environ Sci Technol 43(14):5333-8. doi:10.1021/es900080q PMID:19708362 PMCID:PMC2746402
  • Radloff KA, Zheng Y, Stute M, Ahmed KM, Schlosser P, van Geen AF. 2009. Effect of groundwater flow on dissolved As in a Bangladesh aquifer. Geochim Cosmochim Acta 73:A1067-A1067.
  • Yang Q, Jung H, Culbertson CW, Marvinney RG, Loiselle MC, Locke DB, Cheek H, Thibodeau H, Zheng Y. 2009. Spatial pattern of groundwater arsenic occurrence and association with bedrock geology in greater Augusta, Maine. Environ Sci Technol 43(8):2714-9. doi:10.1021/es803141m PMID:19475939 PMCID:PMC2694612


  • Aziz Z, van Geen AF, Stute M, Versteeg RJ, Horneman AH, Zheng Y, Goodbred SL, Steckler MS, Weinman B, Gavrieli I, Hoque MA, Shamsudduha M, Ahmed KM. 2008. Impact of local recharge on arsenic concentrations in shallow aquifers inferred from the electromagnetic conductivity of soils in Araihazar, Bangladesh. Water Resour Res 44(7):doi:10.1029/2007WR006000
  • Dhar RK, Zheng Y, Stute M, van Geen AF, Cheng Z, Shamsudduha M, Hoque MA, Rahman MW, Ahmed KM, Shanewaz M. 2008. Temporal variability of groundwater chemistry in shallow and deep aquifers of Araihazar, Bangladesh. J Contam Hydrol 99(1-4):97-111. doi:10.1016/j.jconhyd.2008.03.007 PMID:18467001 PMCID:PMC2605690
  • Horneman AH, Stute M, Schlosser P, Smethie WM, Santella RM, Ho DT, Mailloux BJ, Gorman E, Zheng Y, van Geen AF. 2008. Degradation rates of CFC-11, CFC-12 and CFC-113 in anoxic shallow aquifers of Araihazar, Bangladesh. J Contam Hydrol 97(1-2):27-41. doi:10.1016/j.jconhyd.2007.12.001 PMID:18262680
  • Radloff KA, Manning AR, Mailloux BJ, Zheng Y, Rahman MM, Huq MR, Ahmed KM, Stute M, van Geen AF. 2008. Considerations for conducting incubations to study the mechanisms of As release in reducing groundwater aquifers. Appl Geochem 23(11):3224-3235. doi:10.1016/j.apgeochem.2008.07.009 PMID:19884962 PMCID:PMC2614277
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  • Weinman B, Goodbred SL, Zheng Y, Aziz Z, Singhvi A, Nagar YC, Sleekier M, van Geen AF. 2008. Contributions of floodplain stratigraphy and evolution to the spatial patterns of groundwater arsenic in Araihazar, Bangladesh. Geological Society of America Bulletin 120(11-12):1567-1580. doi:10.1130/B26209.1


  • He Y, Zheng Y, Locke DC. 2007. Cathodic stripping voltammetric analysis of arsenic species in environmental water samples. Microchemical Journal 85:265.
  • Stute M, Zheng Y, Schlosser P, Horneman AH, Dhar RK, Datta S, Hoque MA, Seddique V, Shamsudduha M, Ahmed A, van Geen AF. 2007. Hydrological control of arsenic concentrations in Bangladesh aquifers. Water Resour Res 43:1029.


  • van Geen AF, Zheng Y, Cheng Z, He Y, Dhar RK, Garnier JM, Rose J, Seddique AA, Hoque MA, Ahmed KM. 2006. Impact of irrigating rice paddies with groundwater containing arsenic in Bangladesh. Sci Total Environ 367(2-3):769-777. PMID:16730050
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