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Your Environment. Your Health.

Person Details: Paloma Beamer

Superfund Research Program

Paloma Beamer

University of Arizona
Drachman Hall A223
1295 N. Martin
P.O. Box 245210
Tucson, Arizona 85724
Phone: 520-626-0006

Research Briefs



  • Garcia-Rico L, Meza-Figueroa D, Beamer P, Burgess JL, O'Rourke MK, Lantz C, Furlong M, Martinez-Cinco MA, Mondaca-Fernandez I, Balderas-Cortes JJ, Meza-Montenegro MM. 2019. Serum matrix metalloproteinase-9 in children exposed to arsenic from playground dust at elementary schools in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Environ Geochem Health 42(2):499-511. doi:10.1007/s10653-019-00384-6


  • Beamer P, Klimecki WT, Loh M, Van Horne YO, Sugeng AJ, Lothrop N, Billheimer D, Guerra S, Lantz RC, Canales RA, Martinez FD. 2016. Association of children's urinary CC16 levels with arsenic concentrations in multiple environmental media. Int J Environ Res Public Health 13(5):521. doi:10.3390/ijerph13050521 PMID:27223295 PMCID:PMC4881146
  • Loh M, Sugeng AJ, Lothrop N, Klimecki WT, Cox M, Wilkinson S, Lu Z, Beamer P. 2016. Multimedia exposures to arsenic and lead for children near an inactive mine tailings and smelter site. Environ Res 146:331-339. doi:10.1016/j.envres.2015.12.011 PMID:26803211
  • Ramirez-Andreotta M, Brody JG, Lothrop N, Loh M, Beamer P, Brown P. 2016. Improving environmental health literacy and justice through environmental exposure results communication. Int J Environ Health Res 13(7):690. doi:10.3390/ijerph13070690 PMID:27399755 PMCID:PMC4962231
  • Ramirez-Andreotta M, Brody JG, Lothrop N, Loh M, Beamer P, Brown P. 2016. Reporting back environmental exposure data and free choice learning. Environ Health 15:2. doi:10.1186/s12940-015-0080-1 PMID:26748908 PMCID:PMC4707004


  • Lothrop N, Wilkinson S, Verhougstraete M, Sugeng AJ, Loh M, Klimecki WT, Beamer P. 2015. Home water treatment habits and effectiveness in a rural Arizona community. Water (Basel) 7(3):1217-1231. doi:10.3390/w7031217 PMID:26120482 PMCID:PMC4479291


  • Beamer P, Sugeng AJ, Kelly MD, Lothrop N, Klimecki WT, Wilkinson S, Loh M. 2014. Use of dust fall filters as passive samplers for metal concentrations in air for communities near contaminated mine tailings. Environ Sci Process Impacts 16(6):1275-1281. doi:10.1039/c3em00626c PMID:24469149 PMCID:PMC4038653


  • Ramirez-Andreotta M, Brusseau ML, Beamer P, Maier RM. 2013. Home gardening near a mining site in an arsenic-endemic region of Arizona: assessing arsenic exposure dose and risk via ingestion of home garden vegetables, soils, and water. Sci Total Environ 454-455:373-382. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2013.02.063 PMID:23562690 PMCID:PMC3871205


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