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Final Progress Reports: University of California-Berkeley: Research Translation Core

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Superfund Research Program

Research Translation Core

Project Leader: Martyn T. Smith
Co-Investigator: Lisa Alvarez-Cohen
Grant Number: P42ES004705
Funding Period: 2006-2022

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Final Progress Reports

Year:   2016  2010 

Program Director, Martyn Smith, Ph.D., worked with Program Leaders to develop a path forward to better present their work to stakeholders and at scientific forums in a manner that demonstrated the cohesion, cooperation, and cross discipline communication within the program. He also encouraged and supported researcher and trainee participation in forums and research-related societies as a vital research translation function of their work. In addition, Smith oversaw the development of the program’s first newsletter to both provide news about their people and research and to better define their own internal communication about their work. He hired a communication specialist and worked with her on the newsletter. It is the program’s intention to build on the success of the information gathering work to ensure that they continue to better communicate their work in future recurring newsletters.

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