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Project Publications: Harvard School of Public Health: Arsenic Exposure and Skin and Bladder Cancers

Superfund Research Program

Arsenic Exposure and Skin and Bladder Cancers

Project Leader: David J. Hunter
Grant Number: P42ES005947
Funding Period: 1995 - 2000

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  • Chen KL, Amarasiriwardena CJ, Christiani DC. 1999. Determination of total arsenic concentrations in nails by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Biol Trace Elem Res 67:109-125. PMID:10073418
  • Chen KL, Guo YL, Su HJ, Lee J, Chao S, Christiani DC. 1999. Arsenic exposure, solar radiation, and risk of skin cancer. Epidemiology 10:S35.
  • Guo YL, Su HJ, Chen KL, Christiani DC. 1999. Exposure to arsenic is associated with hospital controls of bladder cancer but not community controls. Epidemiology 10:S35.


  • Guo YL, Su HJ, Huang JD, Cheng YW, Christiani DC. 1998. NAT2 polymorphism, arsenic exposure and bladder cancer. Pharmacogenet Genomics 8:187-190.


  • Garland M, Morris J, Colditz GA, Stampfer MJ, Spate VL, Baskett CK, Rosner B, Speizer FE, Willett W, Hunter DJ. 1996. Toenail trace element levels and breast cancer: a prospective study. Am J Epidemiol 144(7):653-660. PMID:8823061
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