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Project Publications: Dartmouth College: Community Engagement Core

Superfund Research Program

Community Engagement Core

Project Leader: Anna M. Adachi-Mejia
Grant Number: P42ES007373
Funding Period: 2014-2021

Project-Specific Links



  • Farrell A, Buckman KL, Hall SR, Munoz I, Bieluch K, Zoellick B, Disney J. 2021. Adaptations to a secondary school-based citizen science project to engage students in monitoring well water for arsenic during the COVID-19 pandemic. J STEM Outreach 4(2):doi:10.15695/jstem/v4i2.05


  • Eagles-Smith CA, Willacker JJ, Nelson SJ, Flanagan Pritz CM, Krabbenhoft DP, Chen CY, Ackerman JT, Campbell Grant EH, Pilliod DS. 2020. A National-Scale Assessment of Mercury Bioaccumulation in United States National Parks Using Dragonfly Larvae As Biosentinels through a Citizen-Science Framework. Environ Sci Technol 54:8779-8790. doi:10.1021/acs.est.0c01255 PMID:32633494



  • Paul MP, Rigrod P, Borsuk M, Wingate S. 2015. A community-driven intervention in Tuftonboro, New Hampshire, succeeds in altering water testing behavior. Environ Health 78(5):30-39. PMID:26738316 PMCID:PMC4848110
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