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Project Publications: Louisiana State University: Community Engagement Core

Superfund Research Program

Community Engagement Core

Project Leader: Margaret A. Reams
Co-Investigator: Jennifer Richmond-Bryant (North Carolina State University)
Grant Number: P42ES013648
Funding Period: 2011-2025
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  • Mathieu M, Gray J, Richmond-Bryant J. 2023. Spatial associations of long-term exposure to diesel particulate matter with seasonal and annual mortality due to COVID-19 in the contiguous United States. BMC Public Health 23(1):423. doi:10.1186/s12889-023-15064-5 PMID:36869295 PMCID:PMC9982169
  • Odera M, Kelley B, Rivers L, Wilson A, Tran J, Patel K, Vallee B, Subra W, Cramer JA, Irving JK, Reams MA, Richmond-Bryant J. 2023. A community-engaged oral history study as a tool for understanding environmental justice aspects of human exposure to hazardous waste thermal treatment emissions in Colfax, LA. Environ Justice doi:10.1089/env.2023.0003
  • Richmond-Bryant J, Odera M, Subra W, Vallee B, Rivers L, Kelley B, Cramer JA, Wilson A, Tran J, Beckham T, Irving JK, Reams MA. 2023. Oral histories document community mobilisation to participate in decision-making regarding a hazardous waste thermal treatment facility. Local Environ doi:10.1080/13549839.2023.2249498
  • Yu Q, Cao W, Hamer D, Urbanek N, Straif-Bourgeois S, Cormier SA, Ferguson T, Richmond-Bryant J. 2023. Associations of COVID-19 hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and mortality with Black and White race by air pollution and other risk factors in the Louisiana Industrial Corridor, March, 2020 - August, 2021. J Racial Ethn Health Disparities 20(5):4611. doi:10.3390/ijerph20054611 PMID:36901619 PMCID:PMC10001987


  • Richmond-Bryant J, Odera M, Subra W, Vallee B, Tucker C, Oliver C, Wilson A, Tran J, Kelley B, Cramer JA, Irving JK, Guo C, Reams MA. 2022. A community-integrated geographic information system study of air pollution exposure impacts in Colfax, LA. Local Environ 19:728-746. doi:10.1080/13549839.2022.2075840


  • Reams MA, Harding A, Subra W, Lam NS, O'Connell SG, Tidwell LG, Anderson KA. 2017. Response, recovery, and resilience to oil spills and environmental disasters: exploration and use of novel approaches to enhance community resilience. J Environ Health 80(2):8-15.



  • Reams MA, Lam NS, Cale TM, Hinton CM. 2013. Applying a community resilience framework to examine household emergency planning and exposure-reducing behavior among residents of Louisiana's industrial corridor. J Emerg Manag 11:107-120. doi:10.5055/jem.2013.0130 PMID:24180091 PMCID:PMC4081453
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