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Your Environment. Your Health.

Project Publications: University of Alabama at Birmingham: Administrative Core - Research Translation

Superfund Research Program

Administrative Core - Research Translation

Project Leader: Monica L. Baskin
Grant Number: P42ES027723
Funding Period: 2020-2025

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  • Gupta N, Kozlovskaya V, Dolmat M, Yancey B, Oh J, Lungu C, Kharlampieva E. 2020. Photocatalytic nanocomposite microsponges of polylactide-titania for chemical remediation in water. ACS Appl. Polym. Mater 2(11):5188-5179. doi:10.1021/acsapm.0c00937
  • Kooduvalli K, Vaidya U, Ozcan S. 2020. Life cycle assessment of compostable coffee pods: a US university based case study. Sci Rep 10:9158. doi:10.1038/s41598-020-65058-1 PMID:32513993 PMCID:PMC7280196
  • Larson-Casey JL, Gu L, Fiehn O, Carter AB. 2020. Cadmium-mediated lung injury is exacerbated by the persistence of classically activated macrophages. J Biol Chem 295:15754-15766. doi:10.1074/jbc.RA120.013632 PMID:32917723 PMCID:PMC7667973
  • Wang ML, Behrman P, Dulin A, Baskin ML, Buscemi J, Alcaraz KI, Goldstein CM, Carson TL, Shen M, Fitzgibbon M. 2020. Addressing inequities in COVID-19 morbidity and mortality: research and policy recommendations. Transl Behav Med 10:516-519. doi:10.1093/tbm/ibaa055 PMID:32542349 PMCID:PMC7337775
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