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Project Publications: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill: Administrative Core - Research Translation

Superfund Research Program

Administrative Core - Research Translation

Research Translation Coordinator: Sarah Yelton
Grant Number: P42ES031007
Funding Period: 2020-2025

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  • Fashe MM, Miner TA, Fallon JK, Shauer AP, Sykes C, Smith PC, Lee CR. 2023. Pregnancy related hormones increase CYP3A mediated buprenorphine metabolism in human hepatocytes: a comparison to CYP3A substrates nifedipine and midazolam. Front Pharmacol 14:1218703. doi:10.3389/fphar.2023.1218703 PMID:37475714 PMCID:PMC10354249
  • Yelton S, George A, Tomlinson MS, Bommarito P, Fry RC, Gray K. 2023. Communicating results of drinking water tests from private wells: Designing report-back materials to facilitate understanding. J Environ Health 85(8):8-14. PMID:37621302 PMCID:PMC10448603


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