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Program Publications: Missouri University of Science and Technology: In-situ Sediment Remediation Using Benthic Waterjet Amendment

Superfund Research Program

In-situ Sediment Remediation Using Benthic Waterjet Amendment

Project Leader: Joel G. Burken
Grant Number: R01ES016158
Funding Period: 2008-2011

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  • Harper G, Elmore AC, Redell C, Risley G, Burken JG. 2011. Physical impact of waterjet-based sediment remediation on benthic organisms. Remediation (N Y) 21:107-118. doi:10.1002/rem.20302
  • Redell C, Elmore AC, Burken JG, Stringer RD. 2011. Waterjet injection of powdered activated carbon for sediment remediation. J Soils Sediments 11:1115-1124. doi:10.1007/s11368-011-0392-x
  • Risley G, Elmore AC, Burken JG, Galecki G. 2011. Development of a waterjet system for direct delivery of granular iron and activated carbon to remediate contaminated aqueous sediments. Remediation (N Y) 21:103-119. doi:10.1002/rem.20292
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