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Program Publications: University of Maryland-Baltimore County: Combining Bioavailability Assays with Modeling to Predict PCBs in Fish After Remediation

Superfund Research Program

Combining Bioavailability Assays with Modeling to Predict PCBs in Fish After Remediation

Project Leader: Upal Ghosh
Grant Number: R01ES020941
Funding Period: 2011-2014
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  • Jonker MT, van der Heijden SA, Adelman D, Apell JN, Burgess RM, Choi Y, Fernandez LA, Flavetta GM, Ghosh U, Gschwend PM, Hale SE, Jalalizadeh M, Khairy M, Lampi MA, Lao W, Lohmann R, Lydy MJ, Maruya K, Nutile SA, Oen AM, Rakowska MI, Reible DD, Rusina TP, Smedes F, Wu Y. 2018. Advancing the use of passive sampling in risk assessment and management of sediments contaminated with hydrophobic organic chemicals: results of an international ex situ passive sampling interlaboratory comparison. Environ Sci Technol 52:3574-3582. doi:10.1021/acs.est.7b05752 PMID:29488382 PMCID:PMC5863099
  • Sanders JP, Andrade NA, Ghosh U. 2018. Evaluation of passive sampling polymers and nonequilibrium adjustment methods in a multiyear surveillance of sediment porewater PCBs. Environ Toxicol Chem 37:2487-2495. doi:10.1002/etc.4223 PMID:29978585


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