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Your Environment. Your Health.

News Items: Harvard School of Public Health

Superfund Research Program

Superfund Metal Mixtures, Biomarkers and Neurodevelopment

Center Director: David C. Bellinger
Grant Number: P42ES016454
Funding Period: 2010-2014
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News Items List

  • SRP Researchers Inform PFAS Guidance
    SRP News Page - September 2021
    Involving the community is valuable when adjusting clinical and public health guidance, especially as it relates to the health effects of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and other chemicals of concern.
  • Study sheds light on leads neurotoxic effects
    Environmental Factor - September 2016
    Years of research show that lead can harm early brain development, but scientists know surprisingly little about how this damage occurs at the cellular level. New findings suggest that lead triggers oxidative stress, or cellular imbalance, in neural stem cells, which could damage the cells at a pivotal point in development. The new study, by Quan Lu, Ph.D., and others at the NIEHS-supported Harvard Superfund Research Program (SRP) center, was published Aug. 26 in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.
  • Harvard SRP collaboration honored for risk communication
    Environmental Factor - February 2014
    The Kids + Chemical Safety website, supported in part by the NIEHS-funded Harvard Superfund Research Program (SRP) Research Translation Core (RTC), received the 2013 Risk Communication Award from the Alliance for Chemical Safety.  
  • Using teeth to uncover developmental susceptibility to chemical mixtures
    Environmental Factor - February 2014
    Manish Arora, Ph.D., from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, presented the Jan. 13 Keystone Science Lecture Seminar Series talk at NIEHS.
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