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News Items: University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Superfund Research Program

Leveraging the Chemo-Physical Interaction of Halorespiring Bacteria with Solid Surfaces to Enhance Halogenated Organic Compounds Bioremediation

Project Leaders: Upal Ghosh, Kevin R. Sowers, Amar Wadhawan (ARCADIS)
Grant Number: R01ES032719
Funding Period: 2021-2025
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News Items List

  • Enhancing Remediation Technology to Clean Up Contaminants
    SRP News Page - March 2023
    Upal Ghosh, Ph.D., explores how chemical contaminants move through the environment and affect aquatic food webs, with the goal of developing and implementing technologies to help ecosystems recover from pollution.
  • SRP Welcomes New Individual Research Grants
    SRP News Page - April 2021
    The NIEHS Superfund Research Program (SRP) welcomes 10 newly funded individual research projects. They are incorporating new advances in materials science to optimize bioremediation of contaminants in soil, sediment, or water. Bioremediation is a cost-effective, energy efficient approach involving bacteria, fungi, and plants to break down and remove hazardous substances from the environment. These projects may offer new breakthroughs to advance sustainable solutions for hazardous substances in the environment.
  • Annual Meeting Satellite Workshops Boost Collaboration
    SRP News Page - February 2021
    Two workshops, held December 16 as part of the first NIEHS Superfund Research Program (SRP) virtual annual meeting, provided forums to delve into data science issues and showcase innovative remediation and detection technologies.
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