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Your Environment. Your Health.

Person Details: Brian P. Jackson

Superfund Research Program

Brian P. Jackson

Dartmouth College
Department of Earth Sciences
6105 Sherman Fairchild Hall, Steele Building, Room 221
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755
Phone: 603-646-1272
Fax: 603-646-3922


Research Briefs



  • Andrew AS, O'Brien KM, Jackson BP, Sandler DP, Kaye WE, Wagner L, Stommel EW, Horton D, Mehta P, Weinberg CR. 2020. Keratinous biomarker of mercury exposure associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis risk in a nationwide US study. Amyotroph Lateral Scler Frontotemporal Degener 8:doi:10.1080/21678421.2020.1753777
  • Laue H, Moroishi Y, Jackson BP, Palys T, Madan JC, Karagas MR. 2020. Nutrient toxic element mixtures and the early postnatal gut microbiome and in a United States longitudinal birth cohort. Environ Int doi:10.1016/j.envint.2020.105613
  • McCormack MA, Jackson BP, Dutton J. 2020. Effects of formalin fixation on trace element concentrations in Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) tissues. Environ Toxicol Chem 39:1149-1164. doi:10.1002/etc.4709 PMID:32164038


  • Barrett PM, Hull EA, Burkart K, Hargrave O, McLean JA, Taylor VF, Jackson BP, Gawel J, Neumann RB. 2019. Contrasting arsenic cycling in strongly- and weakly-stratified contaminated lakes: Evidence for temperature control on sediment-water arsenic fluxes. Limnology and Oceanography 64(3):1333-1346. doi:10.1002/lno.11119 PMID:31741542 PMCID:PMC6859942
  • Cory-Slechta DA, Sobolewski M, Marvin E, Conrad K, Merrill A, Anderson TA, Jackson BP, Oberdorster G. 2019. The Impact of Inhaled Ambient Ultrafine Particulate Matter on Developing Brain: Potential Importance of Elemental Contaminants. Toxicol Pathol 47:976-92. doi:10.1177/0192623319878400 PMID:31610749 PMCID:PMC6911038
  • Everson TM, Marable C, Deyssenroth MA, Punshon T, Jackson BP, Lambertini L, Karagas MR, Chen J, Marsit CJ. 2019. Placental expression of imprinted genes, overall and in sex-specific patterns, associated with placental cadmium concentrations and birth size. Environ Health Perspect 127:57005. doi:10.1289/EHP4264 PMID:31082282 PMCID:PMC6791491
  • Kennedy E, Everson TM, Punshon T, Jackson BP, Hao K, Lambertini L, Chen J, Karagas MR, Marsit CJ. 2019. Copper associates with differential methylation in placentae from two US birth cohorts. Epigenetics 1-16. doi:10.1080/15592294.2019.1661211 PMID:31462129
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  • O'Brien KM, White AJ, Jackson BP, Karagas MR, Sandler DP, Weinberg CR. 2019. Toenail-based metal concentrations and young-onset breast cancer. Am J Epidemiol 188:646-655. doi:10.1093/aje/kwy283 PMID:30608527 PMCID:PMC6454842
  • O'Brien KM, White AJ, Sandler DP, Jackson BP, Karagas MR, Weinberg CR. 2019. Do post-breast cancer diagnosis toenail trace element concentrations reflect prediagnostic concentrations?. Epidemiology 30(1):112-119. doi:10.1097/EDE.0000000000000927 PMID:30256233 PMCID:PMC6275107
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  • Romano M, Gallagher LG, Jackson BP, Baker E, Karagas MR. 2019. Maternal urinary cadmium, glucose intolerance and gestational diabetes in the New Hampshire birth cohort study. Environ Res 179:108733. doi:10.1016/j.envres.2019.108733 PMID:31561054 PMCID:PMC6921495
  • Sauve J, Ramsay JM, Locke SJ, Dopart PJ, Josse PR, Zaebst DD, Albert PS, Cantor KP, Baris D, Jackson BP, Karagas MR, Hosain GM, Schwenn M, Johnson A, Purdue MP, Koutros S, Silverman DT, Friesen MC. 2019. Validity of retrospective occupational exposure estimates of lead and manganese in a case-control study. Occup Environ Med 76:680-687. doi:10.1136/oemed-2019-105744 PMID:31308155 PMCID:PMC6767614
  • Signes-Pastor AJ, Bouchard MF, Baker E, Jackson BP, Karagas MR. 2019. Toenail manganese as a biomarker of drinking water exposure: a reliability study from a US pregnancy cohort. J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol 29:648-654. doi:10.1038/s41370-018-0108-z PMID:30563963 PMCID:PMC6581634 (in press)
  • Signes-Pastor AJ, Punshon T, Cottingham KL, Jackson BP, Sayarath V, Gilbert-Diamond D, Korrick SA, Karagas MR. 2019. Arsenic exposure in relation to apple consumption among infants in the New Hampshire birth cohort study. Expo Health 7:(in press)
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  • Gosse JA, Taylor VF, Jackson BP, Hamilton JW, Bodwell J. 2014. Monomethylated trivalent arsenic species disrupt steroid receptor interactions with their DNA response elements at non-cytotoxic cellular concentrations. J Appl Toxicol 34(5):498-505. doi:10.1002/jat.2898 PMID:23765520 PMCID:PMC3884051
  • Jackson BP, Liba A, Nelson J. 2014. Advantages of reaction cell ICP-MS on doubly charged interferences for arsenic and selenium analysis in foods. J Anal At Spectrom 2015:doi:10.1039/C4JA00310A PMID:25609851 PMCID:PMC4297653
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