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Person Details: Dr. David L. Eaton

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Superfund Research Program

Dr. David L. Eaton

University of Washington
School of Public Health & Community Medicine
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
4225 Roosevelt Way NE #100, Box 354695
Seattle, Washington 98105-6099
Phone: 206-685-3785
Fax: 206-685-4696




  • Landrigan PJ, Wright RO, Cordero JF, Eaton DL, Goldstein BD, Hennig B, Maier RM, Ozonoff DM, Smith MT, Tukey RH. 2015. The NIEHS Superfund Research Program: 25 Years of Translational Research for Public Health. Environ Health Perspect 123(10):909-918. doi:10.1289/ehp.1409247 PMID:25978799 PMCID:PMC4590764



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  • Potter AJ, Grossmann A, Rabinovitch PS, Eaton DL, Kavanagh TJ. 1997. The effect of in vitro phorone exposure on glutathione content and T-cell antigen receptor stimulated calcium mobilization in murine splenic T lymphocytes. In Vitr Mol Toxicol 11(4):355-363. PMID:20654322


  • Gallagher EP, Stapleton PL, Slone DH, Schlenk D, Eaton DL. 1996. Channel catfish glutathione S-transferase isoenzyme activity toward (+)-anti-benzo(a)pyrene-trans-7,8-dihydrodiol-9,10-epoxide. Aquat Toxicol 34(2):135-150.
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