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Person Details: David H. Sherr

Superfund Research Program

David H. Sherr

Boston University
School of Public Health
715 Albany Street, S-105
Boston, Massachusetts 02118
Phone: 617-358-1707
Fax: 617-638-6463


Research Briefs





  • Walker JA, Richards S, Belghasem ME, Arinze N, Yoo SB, Tashjian JY, Whelan SA, Lee N, Kolachalama VB, Francis J, Ravid K, Sherr DH, Chitalia VC. 2020. Temporal and tissue-specific activation of aryl hydrocarbon receptor in discrete mouse models of kidney disease. Kidney International 97:538-550. doi:10.1016/j.kint.2019.09.029 PMID:31932072


  • Ash P, Dhawan U, Boudeau S, Lei S, Carlomagno Y, Knobel M, Al Mohanna L, Boomhower S, Newland MC, Sherr DH, Wolozin B. 2019. Heavy metal neurotoxicants induce ALS-linked TDP-43 pathology. Toxicol Sci 167(1):105-115. doi:10.1093/toxsci/kfy267 PMID:30371865 PMCID:PMC6317426
  • Li A, Lu X, Natoli T, Bittker J, Sipes N, Subramanian A, Auerbach SS, Sherr DH, Monti S. 2019. The Carcinogenome Project: in vitro gene expression profiling of chemical perturbations to predict long-term carcinogenicity. Environ Health Perspect 127:47002. doi:10.1289/EHP3986 PMID:30964323 PMCID:PMC6785232
  • Mohamed HT, Gadalla R, El-Husseiny N, Hassan H, Wang Z, Ibrahim SA, El-Shinawi M, Sherr DH, Mohamed M. 2019. Inflammatory breast cancer: Activation of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor and its target CYP1B1 correlates closely with Wnt5a/b-beta-catenin signalling, the stem cell phenotype and disease progression. J. Adv. Res 16:75-86. doi:10.1016/j.jare.2018.11.006 PMID:30899591 PMCID:PMC6413307
  • Takenaka MC, Gabriely G, Rothhammer V, Mascanfroni ID, Wheeler MA, Chao C, Gutierrez-Vazquez C, Kenison JE, Tjon EC, Barroso A, Vandeventer T, Alves de Lima K, Rothweiler S, Mayo L, Ghannam S, Zandee S, Healy L, Sherr DH, Farez M, Pratt A, Antel J, Reardon DA, Zhang H, Robson SC, Getz G, Weiner HL, Quintana FJ. 2019. Control of tumor-associated macrophages and T cells in glioblastoma via AHR and CD39. Nat Neurosci 22:729-740. doi:10.1038/s41593-019-0370-y PMID:30962630


  • Esser C, Lawrence BP, Sherr DH, Perdew GH, Puga A, Barouki R, Coumoul X. 2018. Old receptor, new tricks the ever-expanding universe of aryl hydrocarbon receptor functions. Report from the 4th AHR Meeting, 29 31 August 2018 in Paris, France. Int J Mol Sci 19(11):3603. doi:10.3390/ijms19113603 PMID:30445691
  • Krishnan S, Ding Y, Saedi N, Choi M, Sridharan GV, Sherr DH, Yarmush M, Alaniz RC, Jayaraman A, Lee K. 2018. Gut Microbiota-Derived Tryptophan Metabolites Modulate Inflammatory Response in Hepatocytes and Macrophages. Cell Rep 23:1099-1111. doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2018.03.109 PMID:29694888 PMCID:PMC6392449
  • Leung A, Zulick ES, Skvir N, Vanuytsel K, Morrison TA, Naing ZH, Wang Z, Dai Y, Chui DK, Steinberg MH, Sherr DH, Murphy GJ. 2018. Notch and Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Signaling Impact Definitive Hematopoiesis from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells. Stem Cells 36(7):1004-1019. doi:10.1002/stem.2822 PMID:29569827 PMCID:PMC6099224
  • Narasimhan S, Zulick ES, Novikov O, Parks A, Schlezinger JJ, Wang Z, Laroche F, Feng H, Mulas F, Monti S, Sherr DH. 2018. Towards resolving the pro- and anti-tumor effects of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor. Int J Mol Sci 19:24. doi:10.3390/ijms19051388 PMID:29735912 PMCID:PMC5983651
  • Rothhammer V, Borucki DM, Kenison JE, Hewson P, Wang Z, Bakshi R, Sherr DH, Quintana FJ. 2018. Detection of aryl hydrocarbon receptor agonists in human samples. Sci Rep 8:doi:10.1038/s41598-018-23323-4 PMID:29563571 PMCID:PMC5862868



  • Shivanna S, Kolandaivelu K, Shashar M, Belghasim M, Al-Rabadi L, Balcells M, Zhang A, Weinberg JM, Francis J, Pollastri MP, Edelman ER, Sherr DH, Chitalia VC. 2016. The aryl hydrocarbon receptor is a critical regulator of tissue factor stability and an antithrombotic target in uremia. J Am Soc Nephrol 27(1):189-201. doi:10.1681/ASN.2014121241 PMID:26019318 PMCID:PMC4696580
  • Smith BW, Stanford EA, Sherr DH, Murphy GJ. 2016. Genome editing of the CYP1A1 locus in iPSCs as a platform to map AHR expression throughout human development. Stem Cells Int 2016:2574152. doi:10.1155/2016/2574152 PMID:27148368 PMCID:PMC4842384
  • Stanford EA, Ramirez-Cardenas A, Wang Z, Novikov O, Alamoud K, Koutrakis P, Mizgerd JP, Genco CA, Kukuruzinska M, Monti S, Bais MV, Sherr DH. 2016. Role for the aryl hydrocarbon receptor and diverse ligands in oral squamous cell carcinoma migration and tumorigenesis. Mol Cancer Res 14(8):696-706. doi:10.1158/1541-7786.MCR-16-0069 PMID:27130942 PMCID:PMC4987205
  • Stanford EA, Wang Z, Mulas F, Landesman-Bollag E, Monti S, Smith BW, Seldin DC, Murphy GJ, Sherr DH. 2016. The role of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor in the development of cells with the molecular and functional characteristics of cancer stem-like cells. BMC Biol 14:20. doi:10.1186/s12915-016-0240-y PMID:26984638 PMCID:PMC4794823
  • Stanford EA, Wang Z, Novikov O, Ramirez-Cardenas A, Mulas F, Landesman-Bollag E, Monti S, Smith BW, Bais MV, Kukuruzinska M, Murphy GJ, Sherr DH. 2016. A role for the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (Ahr) in the production and function of breast and oral cancer stem-like cells and the potential therapeutic value of Ahr modulators. Toxicol Lett 259:S20. doi:10.1016/j.toxlet.2016.07.090


  • Grandjean P, Barouki R, Bellinger DC, Casteleyn L, Chadwick LH, Cordier S, Etzel R, Gray K, Ha E, Junien C, Karagas MR, Kawamoto T, Lawrence BP, Perera F, Prins GS, Rosenfeld CS, Sherr DH, Sly PD, Suk WA, Sun Q, Toppari J, van den Hazel P, Walker CL, Heindel JJ. 2015. Life-long implications of developmental exposure to environmental stressors: new perspectives. Endocrinology 156(10):3408-3415. doi:10.1210/EN.2015-1350 PMID:26241067 PMCID:PMC4588822


  • Gusenleitner D, Auerbach SS, Melia T, Gomez HF, Sherr DH, Monti S. 2014. Genomic models of short-term exposure accurately predict long-term chemical carcinogenicity and identify putative mechanisms of action. PLoS One 9(7):e102579. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0102579 PMID:25058030 PMCID:PMC4109923
  • Lowe MM, Mold JE, Kanwar B, Huang Y, Louie A, Pollastri MP, Wang C, Patel G, Franks DG, Schlezinger JJ, Sherr DH, Silverstone AE, Hahn ME, McCune JM. 2014. Identification of cinnabarinic acid as a novel endogenous aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligand that drives IL-22 production. PLoS One 9(2):15. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0087877 PMID:24498387 PMCID:PMC3912126
  • Parks A, Pollastri MP, Hahn ME, Stanford EA, Novikov O, Franks DG, Haigh SE, Narasimhan S, Ashton TD, Hopper TG, Kozakov D, Beglov D, Vajda S, Schlezinger JJ, Sherr DH. 2014. In silico identification of an aryl hydrocarbon receptor antagonist with biological activity in vitro and in vivo. Mol Pharmacol 86(5):593-608. doi:10.1124/mol.114.093369 PMID:25159092 PMCID:PMC4201140



  • Allan LL, Sherr DH. 2010. Disruption of human plasma cell differentiation by an environmental polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon: a mechanistic immunotoxicological study. Environ Health 9:15. doi:10.1186/1476-069X-9-15 PMID:20334656 PMCID:PMC2851679
  • Teague J, Ryu H, Kirber M, Sherr DH, Schlezinger JJ. 2010. Proximal events in 7,12-dimethylbenz a anthracene-induced, stromal cell-dependent bone marrow B cell apoptosis: stromal cell-B cell communication and apoptosis signaling. J Immunol 185:3369-3378. doi:10.4049/jimmunol.0902541 PMID:20720205 PMCID:PMC2933279


  • Hahn ME, Allan LL, Sherr DH. 2009. Regulation of constitutive and inducible AHR signaling: complex interactions involving the AHR repressor. Biochem Pharmacol 77(4):485-497. doi:10.1016/j.bcp.2008.09.016 PMID:18848529 PMCID:PMC2701375
  • Karchner SI, Jenny MJ, Tarrant AM, Evans BR, Kang HJ, Bae I, Sherr DH, Hahn ME. 2009. The active form of human aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) repressor lacks exon 8, and its Pro 185 and Ala 185 variants repress both AHR and hypoxia-inducible factor. Mol Cell Biol 29(13):3465-3477. doi:10.1128/MCB.00206-09 PMID:19380484 PMCID:PMC2698758


  • Bissonnette SL, Emberley JK, Sherr DH. 2008. An endogenous prostaglandin enhances environmental phthalate-induced apoptosis in bone marrow B cells: activation of distinct but overlapping pathways. J Immunol 181:1728-1736. PMID:18641309
  • Evans BR, Karchner SI, Allan LL, Pollenz RS, Tanguay RL, Jenny MJ, Sherr DH, Hahn ME. 2008. Repression of aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) signaling by AHR repressor: role of DNA binding and competition for AHR nuclear translocator. Mol Pharmacol 73(2):387-98. PMID:18000031


  • Schlezinger JJ, Emberley JK, Sherr DH, Bissonnette SL. 2007. An L-tyrosine derivative and PPARγ agonist, GW7845, activates a multi-faceted capase cascade in bone marrow B cells. Toxicol Sci 98(1):125-36. PMID:17400580


  • Allan LL, Schlezinger JJ, Shansab M, Sherr DH. 2006. CYP1A1 in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-induced B lymphocyte growth suppression. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 342(1):227-235. PMID:16472762
  • Schlezinger JJ, Emberley JK, Sherr DH. 2006. Activation of multiple mitogen-activated protein kinases in pro/pre-B cells by GW7845, a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma agonist, and their contribution to GW7845-induced apoptosis. Toxicol Sci 92(2):433-44. PMID:16672323


  • Ryu H, Emberley JK, Schlezinger JJ, Allan LL, Na S, Sherr DH. 2005. Environmental chemical-induced bone marrow B cell apoptosis: death receptor-independent activation of a caspase-3 to caspase-8 pathway. Mol Pharmacol 68(4):1087-1096. PMID:16014577
  • Yang X, Liu D, Murray TJ, Mitchell GC, Hesterman EV, Karchner SI, Merson RR, Hahn ME, Sherr DH. 2005. The aryl hydrocarbon receptor constitutively represses c-myc transcription in human mammary tumor cells. Oncogene 24(53):7869-7881. doi:10.1038/sj.onc.1208938 PMID:16091746


  • Schlezinger JJ, Howard G, Hurst CH, Emberley JK, Waxman DJ, Webster TF, Sherr DH. 2004. Environmental and endogenous peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma agonists induce bone marrow B cell growth arrest and apoptosis: Interactions between mono(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate, 9-cis-retinoic acid, and 15-Deoxy-Delta(12,14)-prostaglandin J(2). J Immunol 173(5):3165-3177. PMID:15322177


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  • Takai Y, Canning J, Perez GI, Pru JK, Schlezinger JJ, Sherr DH, Kolesnick RN, Yuan J, Flavell RA, Korsmeyer SJ, Tilly JL. 2003. Bax, caspase-2, and caspase-3 are required for ovarian follicle loss caused by 4-vinylcyclohexene diepoxide exposure of female mice in vivo. Endocrinology 144(1):69-74. PMID:12488331
  • Webster TF, Sherr DH. 2003. Types of AhREs and their Implications. Organohalogen Compounds 65:106-109.


  • Schlezinger JJ, Jensen B, Mann KK, Ryu H, Sherr DH. 2002. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma-mediated NF-kappa B activation and apoptosis in pre-B cells. J Immunol 169(12):6831-6841. PMID:12471115


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  • Quadri SA, Qadri AN, Hahn ME, Mann KK, Sherr DH. 2000. The bioflavonoid galangin blocks aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) activation and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-induced Pre-B cell apoptosis. Mol Pharmacol 58:515-525. PMID:10953044
  • Robles R, Morita Y, Mann KK, Perez GI, Yang S, Matikainen T, Sherr DH, Tilly JL. 2000. The aryl hydrocarbon receptor, a basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor of the PAS gene family, is required for normal ovarian germ cell dynamics in the mouse. Endocrinology 141(1):450-453. PMID:10614669
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