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Your Environment. Your Health.

Person Details: Kathleen Dixon

Superfund Research Program

Kathleen Dixon

University of Arizona
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Life Sciences South, Rm. 444
1007 E. Lowell
Tucson, Arizona 85721
Phone: 520-621-7563


Research Briefs



  • Dixon K, Kopras EJ. 2004. Genetic alterations and DNA repair in human carcinogenesis. Semin Cancer Biol 14(6):441-448. PMID:15489137
  • Robison JG, Elliott JG, Dixon K, Oakley GG. 2004. Replication protein A and the Mre11 center dot Rad50 center dot Nbs1 complex co-localize and interact at sites of stalled replication forks. J Biol Chem 279(33):34802-34810. PMID:15180989


  • Carty MP, Glynn M, Maher M, Smith TJ, Yao J, Dixon K, McCann J, Rynn L, Flanagan A. 2003. The RAD30 cancer susceptibility gene. Biochem Soc Trans 31:252-256. PMID:12546696
  • Oakley GG, Patrick SM, Yao J, Carty MP, Turchi JJ, Dixon K. 2003. RPA phosphorylation in mitosis alters DNA binding and protein-protein lnteractions. Biochemistry 42(11):3255-3264. PMID:12641457


  • Reynolds KD, Rainwater TR, Scollon EJ, Sathe SS, Adair BM, Dixon K, Cobb GP, McMurry ST. 2002. Accumulation of DDT and mercury in prothonotary warblers (Protonotaria citrea) foraging in a heterogeneously contaminated environment. Environ Toxicol Chem 20(12):2903-2909. PMID:11764178


  • Medvedovic M, Succop P, Dixon K, Shukla R. 2001. Clustering mutational spectra via classification and MCMC algorithms. J Agric Biol Environ Stat 6(1):19-37.


  • Cheng L, Sonntag DM, de Boer J, Dixon K. 2000. Chromium(VI)-induced mutagenesis in the lungs of big blue transgenic mice. J Environ Pathol Toxicol Oncol 19(3):239-249. PMID:10983890
  • Miller ML, Talaska G, Vasunia K, Andringa A, de Boer J, Dixon K. 2000. The tumor promoter TPA enhances benzo[a]pyrene and benzo[a]pyrene dioepoxide mutagenesis Big Blue mouse skin. Environ Mol Mutagen 35(4):319-327. PMID:10861950


  • Liu S, Medvedovic M, Dixon K. 1999. Mutational specificity in a shuttle vector replicating in chromium(VI)-treated mammalian cells. Environ Mol Mutagen 33(4):313-319. PMID:10398379


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