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Person Details: Craig Murray Steinmaus

Superfund Research Program

Craig Murray Steinmaus

University of California-Berkeley
UC Berkeley School of Public Health
50 University Hall, MC7360
Berkeley, California 94720
Phone: 510-843-1736


Research Briefs



  • Beene D, Collender P, Cardenas A, Harvey CF, Huhmann LB, Lin Y, Lewis JL, Lolacono NJ, Navas-Acien A, Nigra AE, Steinmaus CM, van Geen AF. 2022. A mass-balance approach to evaluate arsenic intake and excretion in different populations. Environ Int 166:107371. doi:10.1016/j.envint.2022.107371 PMID:35809487
  • Bozack AK, Boileau P, Hubbard AE, Sille FC, Ferreccio Readi C, Steinmaus CM, Smith MT, Cardenas A. 2022. The impact of prenatal and early-life arsenic exposure on epigenetic age acceleration among adults in Northern Chile. Environ Epigenet 8(1):doi:10.1093/eep/dvac014 PMID:35769198 PMCID:PMC9235373


  • Bozack AK, Boileau P, Wei L, Hubbard AE, Sille FC, Ferreccio Readi C, Acevedo J, Hou L, Ilievski V, Steinmaus CM, Smith MT, Navas-Acien A, Gamble MV, Cardenas A. 2021. Exposure to arsenic at different life-stages and DNA methylation meta-analysis in buccal cells and leukocytes. Environ Health 20:79. doi:10.1186/s12940-021-00754-7 PMID:34243768 PMCID:PMC8272372
  • Rana I, Dahlberg S, Steinmaus CM, Zhang L. 2021. Benzene exposure and non-Hodgkin lymphoma: A systematic review and meta-analysis of human studies. Lancet Planet Health 5(9):e633-e643. doi:10.1016/S2542-5196(21)00149-2 PMID:34450064
  • Rana I, Rieswijk L, Steinmaus CM, Zhang L. 2021. Formaldehyde and brain disorders: A meta-analysis and bioinformatics approach. Neurotox Res 39(3):doi:10.1007/s12640-020-00320-y PMID:33400181 (ahead of print)





  • de la Rosa R, Steinmaus CM, Akers NK, Conde L, Ferreccio Readi C, Kalman DA, Zhang KR, Skibola CF, Smith AH, Zhang L, Smith MT. 2017. Associations between arsenic (+3 oxidation state) methyltransferase (AS3MT) and N-6 adenine-specific DNA methyltransferase 1 (N6AMT1) polymorphisms, arsenic metabolism, and cancer risk in a Chilean population. Environ Mol Mutagen 58(6):411-422. doi:10.1002/em.22104 PMID:28640505 PMCID:PMC5515250
  • Hall EM, Acevedo J, Lopez FG, Cortes S, Ferreccio Readi C, Smith AH, Steinmaus CM. 2017. Hypertension among adults exposed to drinking water arsenic in Northern Chile. Environ Res 153:99-105. doi:10.1016/j.envres.2016.11.016 PMID:27918984 PMCID:PMC5534354
  • Nardone A, Ferreccio Readi C, Acevedo J, Enanoria W, Blair A, Smith AH, Balmes JR, Steinmaus CM. 2017. The impact of BMI on non-malignant respiratory symptoms and lung function in arsenic exposed adults of Northern Chile. Environ Res 158:710-719. doi:10.1016/j.envres.2017.06.024 PMID:28738299 PMCID:PMC5603214
  • Steinmaus CM, Smith MT. 2017. Steinmaus and Smith respond to Proximity to gasoline stations and childhood leukemia. Am J Epidemiol 185(1):5-7. doi:10.1093/aje/kww133 PMID:27923799 PMCID:PMC6267941




  • Kalman DA, Dills RL, Steinmaus CM, Yunus M, Khan A, Prodhan M, Yuan Y, Smith AH. 2014. Occurrence of trivalent monomethyl arsenic and other urinary arsenic species in a highly exposed juvenile population in Bangladesh. J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol 24:113-120. doi:10.1038/jes.2013.14 PMID:23549402
  • Melak D, Ferreccio Readi C, Kalman DA, Parra RL, Acevedo J, Perez L, Cortes S, Smith AH, Yuan Y, Liaw J, Steinmaus CM. 2014. Arsenic methylation and lung and bladder cancer in a case-control study in Northern Chile. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 274(2):225-231. doi:10.1016/j.taap.2013.11.014 PMID:24296302 PMCID:PMC4344188
  • Smith AH, Marshall G, Yuan Y, Steinmaus CM, Liaw J, Smith MT, Wood L, Heirich M, Fritzemeier R, Pegram M, Ferreccio Readi C. 2014. Rapid reduction in breast cancer mortality with inorganic arsenic in drinking water. EBioMedicine 1(1):58-63. doi:10.1016/j.ebiom.2014.10.005 PMID:25580451 PMCID:PMC4286879
  • Steinmaus CM, Ferreccio Readi C, Acevedo J, Yuan Y, Liaw J, Duran V, Cuevas S, Garcia J, Meza R, Valdes R, Valdes G, Benitez H, VanderLinde V, Villagra V, Cantor KP, Moore LE, Perez S, Steinmaus S, Smith AH. 2014. Increased lung and bladder cancer incidence in adults after in utero and early-life arsenic exposure. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 23(8):1529-1538. doi:10.1158/1055-9965.EPI-14-0059 PMID:24859871 PMCID:PMC4344186
  • Steinmaus CM, Ferreccio Readi C, Yuan Y, Acevedo J, Gonzalez F, Perez L, Cortes S, Balmes JR, Liaw J, Smith AH. 2014. Elevated lung cancer in younger adults and low concentrations of arsenic in water. Am J Epidemiol 180(11):1082-1087. doi:10.1093/aje/kwu238 PMID:25371173 PMCID:PMC4239797


  • Ahsan H, Steinmaus CM. 2013. Invited commentary: Use of arsenical skin lesions to predict risk of internal cancer: Implications for prevention and future research. Am J Epidemiol 177:213-216. doi:10.1093/aje/kws366 PMID:23299696 PMCID:PMC3555485
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  • Ferreccio Readi C, Yuan Y, Calle J, Benitez H, Parra RL, Acevedo J, Smith AH, Liaw J, Steinmaus CM. 2013. Arsenic, tobacco smoke, and occupation: associations of multiple agents with lung and bladder cancer. Epidemiology 24(6):898-905. doi:10.1097/EDE.0b013e31829e3e03 PMID:24036609
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  • Smith AH, Liaw J, Steinmaus CM, Basu A, Mitra SR, Kalman DA. 2012. Relationship of creatinine and nutrition with arsenic metabolism: Smith et al. Respond. Environ Health Perspect 120(4):a146-a147. doi:10.1289/ehp.1104807R
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