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Project Publications: University of California-Berkeley: Administrative Core

Superfund Research Program

Administrative Core

Project Leader: Martyn T. Smith
Co-Investigators: Lisa Alvarez-Cohen, Andres Cardenas (Stanford University)
Grant Number: P42ES004705
Funding Period: 2022-2027
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  • Metayer C, Morimoto L, Kang AY, Sanchez Alvarez J, Winestone L. 2024. Pre- and postnatal exposures to tobacco smoking and survival of childhood acute lymphoblastic and myeloid leukemias in California, United States. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 33(1):117-125. doi:10.1158/1055-9965.Epi-23-0801 PMID:37921440
  • Tachachartvanich P, Rusit X, Tong J, Mann C, La Merrill M. 2024. Perinatal triphenyl phosphate exposure induces metabolic dysfunctions through the EGFR/ERK/AKT signaling pathway: Mechanistic in vitro and in vivo studies. Ecotoxicol Environ Saf 269:115756. doi:10.1016/j.ecoenv.2023.115756 PMID:38056125


  • Aiken ML, Pace C, Ramachandran M, Schwabe KA, Ajami H, Link BG, Ying SC. 2023. Disparities in drinking water manganese concentrations in domestic wells and community water systems in the Central Valley, CA, USA. Environ Sci Technol 57(5):1987-1996. doi:10.1021/acs.est.2c08548 PMID:36696271 PMCID:PMC9910038
  • Jeon S, Lo Y, Morimoto L, Metayer C, Ma X, Wiemels JL, de Smith AJ, Chiang C. 2023. Evaluating genomic polygenic risk scores for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia in Latinos. HGG Adv 4(4):100239. doi:10.1016/j.xhgg.2023.100239 PMID:37710962
  • Lupo PJ, Chambers TM, Mueller BA, Clavel J, Dockerty JD, Doody DR, Erdmann F, Ezzat S, Filippini T, Hansen J, Heck JE, Infante-Rivard C, Kang AY, Magnani C, Malagoli C, Metayer C, Bailey H, Mora AM, Ntzani E, Petridou E, Pombo-de-Oliveira MS, Rashed WM, Roman E, Schuz J, Wesseling C, Spector LG, Scheurer ME. 2023. Nonchromosomal birth defects and risk of childhood acute leukemia: An assessment in 15,000 leukemia cases and 46,000 controls from the Childhood Cancer and Leukemia International Consortium. Int J Cancer doi:10.1002/ijc.34720 PMID:37694915
  • Madrigal JM, Gunier RB, Jones RR, Flory A, Metayer C, Nuckols JR, Ward MH. 2023. Contributions of nearby agricultural insecticide applications to indoor residential exposures. Environ Int 171:107657. doi:10.1016/j.envint.2022.107657 PMID:36493610 PMCID:PMC10038187
  • Ward MH, Madrigal JM, Jones RR, Friesen MC, Falk RT, Koebel D, Metayer C. 2023. Glyphosate in house dust and risk of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia in California. Environ Int 172:107777. doi:10.1016/j.envint.2023.107777 PMID:36746112 PMCID:PMC10294409


  • Germolec DR, Lebrec H, Anderson SE, Burleson GR, Cardenas A, Corsini E, Elmore S, Kaplan BL, Lawrence BP, Lehmann GM, Maier CC, McHale CM, Myers LP, Pallardy M, Rooney AA, Zeise L, Zhang L, Smith MT. 2022. Consensus on the key characteristics of immunotoxic agents as a basis for hazard identification. Environ Health Perspect 130(10):105001. doi:10.1289/EHP10800 PMID:36201310 PMCID:PMC9536493
  • Nickels EM, Li S, Morimoto L, Kang AY, de Smith AJ, Metayer C, Wiemels JL. 2022. Periconceptional folate intake influences DNA methylation at birth based on dietary source in an analysis of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia cases and controls. Am J Clin Nutr 116(6):1553-1564. doi:10.1093/ajcn/nqac283 PMID:36178055 PMCID:PMC9761733
  • Wong JY, Imani P, Grigoryan H, Bassig BA, Dai Y, Huang W, Blechter B, Rahman ML, Ji B, Duan H, Niu Y, Ye M, Jia X, Meng T, Bin P, Downward G, Meliefste K, Leng S, Fu W, Yang J, Ren D, Xu J, Zhou B, Hosgood H, Vermeulen R, Zheng Y, Silverman DT, Rothman N, Rappaport SM, Lan Q. 2022. Exposure to diesel engine exhaust and alterations to the Cys34/Lys525 adductome of human serum albumin. Environ Toxicol Pharmacol 95:103966. doi:10.1016/j.etap.2022.103966 PMID:36067935
  • Zhang L, Louie A, Rigutto G, Guo H, Zhao Y, Ahn S, Dahlberg S, Sholinbeck M, Smith MT. 2022. A systematic evidence map of chronic inflammation and immunosuppression related to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) exposure. Environ Res 220:115188. doi:10.1016/j.envres.2022.115188 PMID:36592815
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