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Project Publications: Brown University: Community Engagement Core

Superfund Research Program

Community Engagement Core

Project Leader: Scott Frickel
Grant Number: P42ES013660
Funding Period: 2005-2021

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  • Tollefson J, Frickel S, Marlow T, Gonsalves S. 2023. Parks, people, and pollution: a relational study of socioenvironmental succession. City Community doi:10.1177/15356841231152616


  • Marlow T, Elliott JR, Frickel S. 2022. Future flooding increases unequal exposure risks to relic industrial pollution. Environ Res Lett 17(7):doi:10.1088/1748-9326/ac78f7
  • Tollefson J, Frickel S. 2022. When environmental inequality racialized: historical evidence from Providence, Rhode Island. Socius 8:doi:10.1177/23780231221127541
  • Tollefson J, Frickel S, Gonsalves S, Marlow T, Sucsy R, Byrns M, Orpen-Tuz M. 2022. Early childcare and education in a post-industrial landscape: Inequalities in proximity to active and relic manufacturing in Metropolitan Providence, Rhode Island. Environ Justice doi:10.1089/env.2021.0121


  • Boudia S, Creager AN, Frickel S, Henry E, Jas N, Roberts JA, Reinhardt C. 2021. Residues: Thinking Through Chemical Environments Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, NJ.
  • Tollefson J, Frickel S, Restrepo MI. 2021. Feature extraction and machine learning techniques for identifying historic urban environmental hazards: New methods to locate lost fossil fuel infrastructure in US cities. PLoS One 16(8):e0255507. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0255507 PMID:34347840 PMCID:PMC8336811


  • Bell S, Marlow T, Wombacher K, Hitt A, Parikh N, Zsom A, Frickel S. 2020. Automated data extraction from historical city directories: The rise and fall of mid-century gas stations in Providence, RI. PLoS One 15:12. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0220219 PMID:32813699 PMCID:PMC7437912
  • Marlow T, Frickel S, Elliott JR. 2020. Do Legacy Industrial Sites Produce Legacy Effects in Ethnic and Racial Residential Settlement? Environmental Inequality Formation in Rhode Island's Industrial Core1. Sociol Forum 21:doi:10.1111/socf.12639


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  • Senier L, Hudson B, Fort S, Hoover E, Tillson R, Brown P. 2008. Brown Superfund Basic research Program: a multistakeholder partnership addresses real-world problems in contaminated communities. Environ Sci Technol 42(13):4655-4662. PMID:18677987 PMCID:PMC2504735
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