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Your Environment. Your Health.

Hazardous Waste Sites: Texas A&M University

Superfund Research Program

Site Assessment, Cleanup, Analysis and Bioremediation

Project Leader: Kirby C. Donnelly
Grant Number: P42ES004917
Funding Period: 1995 - 2000

Project-Specific Links

Hazardous Waste Sites with On-Going Research

No projects at this time.

Hazardous Waste Sites with Completed Research

Atlantic Wood Industries - Portsmouth, Virginia

Baldwin Waste Oil (petroleum/pesticides) - Kingsville, Texas

Burlington Northern (Somers Plant) - Somers, Montana

Cape Fear Wood Preserving - Fayetteville, North Carolina

Coal Creek (PCBs) - Seattle, Washington

Coal gasification - Seattle, Washington

Coal Tar - Seattle, Washington

Dept. of Energy (explosives) - Seattle, Washington

Drake Chemical (pesticides) - Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

Drum Storage Area (pesticides) - Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

Du Quoin Gas Plant - Du Quoin, Illinois

Eagle Harbor - Seattle, Washington

Harbor Island (mixed industrial) - Seattle, Washington

Iacavazzi Landfill (mixed industrial) - Scranton, Pennsylvania

Jennison-Wright Corporation - E. St. Louis, Illinois

Joliet Army Ammunition Plant (Manufacturing Area) - Joliet, Illinois

Lake Union - Seattle, Washington

Landfill (PCBs) - Seattle, Washington

Landfill (pesticides) - Seattle, Washington

Libby Groundwater - Libby, Montana

  • Project: Texas A&M University: Site Assessment, Cleanup, Analysis and Bioremediation
    Project Investigator: Kirby C Donnelly
    Research Types: Bench scale application of a new remediation technology, Collection of samples for off-site analysis, Fate and transport study
    Research/Outreach: Completed

Marine dock (PCBs, PNAs, metals) - Libby, Montana

Marine Facility (PNAs) - Libby, Montana

marine sites 2 - Libby, Montana

McBAy Oil (petroleum) - Grapeland, Texas

Metals, PNAs, PCBs - Grapeland, Texas

Mixed Industrial - Grapeland, Texas

Montana Pole And Treating - Butte, Montana

Municipal - Butte, Montana

Munitions 1 - Butte, Montana

Munitions 2 - Butte, Montana

Oil Reclamation (PNAs) - Butte, Montana

Pesticide Disposal - Butte, Montana

Pesticides - Butte, Montana

Savanah Army Depot (munitions) - Savanna, Illinois

Solvent recovery (PAHs and pesticides) - Savanna, Illinois

Solvent Recovery Service (petroleum) - Rosharon, Texas

Solvents and metals - Rosharon, Texas

State Marine (petroleum) - Port Arthur, Texas

Texarkana Wood Preserving Co. - Texarkana, Texas

Wood Preserving (PNAs and PCP) 1 - Texarkana, Texas

Wood Preserving (PNAs and PCP) 2 - Texarkana, Texas

Wood Preserving (PNAs) - Texarkana, Texas

Wood Preserving 1 - Texarkana, Texas

Wood Preserving 2 - Texarkana, Texas

Wood Preserving 3 - Texarkana, Texas

Wood Preserving 4 - Texarkana, Texas

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