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Your Environment. Your Health.

News Items: Louisiana State University

Superfund Research Program

Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals

Center Director: Stephania A. Cormier
Grant Number: P42ES013648
Funding Period: 2009-2018 and 2020-2025
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News Items List

  • SRP Centers Combat COVID-19
    SRP News Page - June 2020
    NIEHS SRP Centers across the country are contributing their expertise to respond to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. From increasing testing capacity and improving personal protective equipment to creating online tools and outreach materials, SRP researchers are fighting COVID-19 from the local to the global level.
  • SRP Welcomes New and Returning Multiproject Centers
    SRP News Page - April 2020
    The SRP welcomes 11 new and returning multiproject Centers. SRP Centers consist of several projects and cores, designed to address research questions that contribute to the Center's overall research focus. These NIEHS-funded grants are the mainstay of the program, where transdisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers working in different fields tackle complex but targeted problems in environmental health.
  • Study Sheds Light on Respiratory Toxicity of EPFRs
    Research Brief - January 2019
    A new SRP study explains how particulate matter (PM) containing environmentally persistent free radicals (EPFRs) activate the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR). AhR is known to play an important role in detecting and responding to a variety of pollutants. These findings could prove useful in understanding the underlying mechanism of diseases known to be associated with inhalation of PM, such as cardiovascular disease.
  • SRP Researchers and Trainees Travel to China for IEBMC Meeting
    SRP News Page - November 2018
    Superfund Research Program (SRP) grantees were well represented at the sixth annual International Experimental Biology and Medicine Conference (IEBMC), held October 19 - 21 in Chengdu, China. Co-sponsored by SRP, the 2018 IEBMC focused on environmental health and medicine.
  • International Conference Promotes Environmental Health Research Exchange
    SRP News Page - July 2018
    NIEHS Superfund Research Program (SRP) staff and grantees focused on environmental health issues in changing economies at the Central and Eastern European Conference on Health and the Environment (CEECHE), June 10 - 14 in Krakow, Poland. The conference, sponsored in part by the SRP, provided a forum for scientists, engineers, and organizations to focus on Central and Eastern European environmental health concerns, which also will inform practices around the world. Presentations, including several by SRP grantees, described the health effects of exposure to environmental chemicals and highlighted promising approaches to prevent or reduce pollutants in the region. Sessions highlighted health risks and solutions for atmospheric air pollution, environmental issues at former military sites in Central and Eastern Europe, coastal and aquifer pollution, health impacts of mining activities, and other emerging environmental health topics.
  • SRP Brings Solution-Oriented Science to SOT
    SRP News Page - March 2017
    Superfund Research Program (SRP) grantees from all over the country gathered in Baltimore, Maryland for the 2017 Society of Toxicology (SOT) Annual Meeting March 12 - 16. Grantees and staff gave talks and presented posters highlighting SRP-funded research advances in toxicology. The meeting also provided a forum to share information and to learn about new findings.
  • NIEHS mourns the loss of Barry Dellinger
    Environmental Factor - April 2016
    Friends and colleagues at NIEHS and the Louisiana State University (LSU) Superfund Research Program (SRP) center are mourning the loss of Harold “Barry” Dellinger, Ph.D., who passed away March 9, after a long battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  • LSU SRP Co-Hosts Successful Combustion By-Products Conference
    SRP News Page - July 2015
    The Louisiana State University Superfund Research Program (LSU SRP) Center co-hosted the 14th International Congress on Combustion By-Products and their Health Effects in Umea, Sweden in June. The conference brought together experts from around the world to discuss topics on the origins, fate, and health effects of combustion-related air pollutants.
  • International conference promotes environmental health research exchange
    Environmental Factor - July 2014
    NIEHS staff and grantees travelled to Cluj-Napoca, Romania, May 25-29, for the Central and Eastern European Conference on Health and the Environment(CEECHE), to open new lines of communication and address issues related to the environment and human health.
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