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Person Details: George C. Clark

Superfund Research Program

George C. Clark

Xenobiotic Detection Systems Inc.
1601 East Geer Street, Suite S
Durham, North Carolina 27704
Phone: 919-688-4804

Research Briefs




  • Brown DJ, Orelien J, Gordon JD, Chu AC, Chu MD, Nakamura M, Handa H, Kayama F, Denison MS, Clark GC. 2007. Mathematical model developed for environmental samples: prediction of GC/MS dioxin TEQ from XDS-CALUX bioassay data. Environ Sci Technol 41(12):4354-4360. PMID:17626436 PMCID:PMC2877589


  • Gordon JD, Denison MS, Chu AC, Chu MD, Matherly C, Kayama F, Clark GC. 2006. Proposed classification system for tier-1 screening of estrogenic EDC using the Lumi-Cell ER bioassay. Organohalogen Compounds 68:1273-1276.


  • Clark GC, Orelien J, Gordon JD, Chu AC, Chu MD, Denison MS. 2005. Mathematical model predictions of GC/MS data for dioxin contaminated environmental samples using CALUX® by XDS. Organohalogen Compounds 67:50-53.
  • Gordon JD, Chu AC, Chu MD, Matherly C, Denison MS, Grune G, Clark GC. 2005. Estrogenic potency of many popular suncreens and it's "non-active" components detected using the LUMI-cell" ER bioassay. Organohalogen Compounds 67:


  • Brown DJ, Van Overmeire I, Goeyens L, Denison MS, De Vito MJ, Clark GC. 2004. Analysis of Ah receptor pathway activation by brominated flame retardants. Organohalogen Compounds 55(11):1509-1518. PMID:15099731
  • Denison MS, Zhao B, Baston DS, Clark GC, Murata H, Han D. 2004. Recombinant cell bioassay systems for the detection and relative quantitation of halogenated dioxins and related chemicals. Talanta 63(5):1123-1133. PMID:18969542
  • Gordon JD, Chu AC, Chu MD, Denison MS, Clark GC. 2004. Detection of estrogen receptor endocrine disrupter potency of commonly used organochlorine pesticides using the LUMI-CELL ER" bioassay. Organohalogen Compounds 66:169-174.


  • Gordon JD, Chu AC, Chu MD, Taylor CL, Denison MS, Clark GC. 2003. Validation of the LUMI-CELLTM ER recombinant bioassay for rapid evaluatin of chemicals for potential estrogenic activity. Organohalogen Compounds 65:78-81.


  • Arnold BS, Sepulveda MS, Rotstein DS, Gross TS, Davis LM, Glenn TC, Clark GC. 2002. Use of DNA analysis to study early embryonic mortality in Flordia alligators. In: Proceedings of the 16th Working Meeting of the Crocodile Specialist Group, October 7-10. Gainsville, FL.
  • Denison MS, Nagy SR, Ziccardi MH, Clark GC, Chu MD, Brown DJ, Shan G, Sugawara Y, Gee SJ, Sanborn JR, Hammock BD. 2002. Bioanalytical approaches for the detection of dioxin and related halogenated aromatic hydrocarbons. In: Biomarkers of Environmentally Associated Disease: Technologies, Concepts, and Perspectives. CRC Press Company, Boca Raton, FL. pp.483-494.


  • Denison MS, Seidel SD, Ziccardi MH, Rogers WJ, Brown DJ, Clark GC. 1999. Ah receptor-based bioassays for dioxins and related chemicals: applications and limitations. Organohalogen Compounds 40:27-30.


  • Denison MS, Rogers WJ, Fair M, Ziccardi MH, Clark GC, Murk AJ, Brouwer A. 1996. Applications of the CALUX bioassay system for the detection of dioxin-like chemicals (Ah receptor ligands) in whole serum samples in extracts from commercial and consumer products. Organohalogen Compounds 27:280-284.
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