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Final Progress Reports: University of Washington: Training Core

Superfund Research Program

Training Core

Project Leader: Evan P. Gallagher
Co-Investigator: Zhengui Xia
Grant Number: P42ES004696
Funding Period: 2015-2023

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Final Progress Reports

Year:   2016 

Kevin Heffern (Biochemical mechanisms of metal olfactory injury) worked on developing a new zebrafish behavioral assay to observe changes in olfactory mediated behavior following exposure to metals of concern to the Duwamish Superfund Site, which is being used in ongoing SRP funded research. Heffern also conducted studies using genetically modified zebrafish that facilitate the visualization of injury to the olfactory system. He presented the results of his work at the November SETAC meeting in Orlando.

Doctoral candidate Andrew Yeh (Biochemical mechanisms of metal olfactory injury) passed his dissertation defense examination this year. His project investigated modulation of mitochondrial function as a biomarker of exposure and effect of contaminants of emerging concern. He co-authored two publications in 2016, one in the journal Environmental Pollution and the other in Toxicological Sciences.

Hao Wang (Cellular and molecular mechanisms of cadmium neurotoxicity) won the 3rd place of SRP student poster competition at the NIEHS EHS Fest. He also passed his general exam in May, 2016.

Jacqueline Garrick (Role of Paraoxonases (PONs) in Modulating Cadmium and Manganese Neurotoxicity) published a manuscript based upon her studies and was awarded a pre-doctoral Fellowship training award from the UW NIEHS training grant in environmental pathology and toxicology.

Post doc, Pamela Barrett (Arsenic in shallow unstratified and seasonally stratified urban lakes: mobility, bioaccumulation and ecological toxicity) published a manuscript and presented two posters this year. She recently applied for the NIEHS KC Donnelly externship supplement.

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