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Final Progress Reports: University of California-Berkeley: Administrative Core

Superfund Research Program

Administrative Core

Project Leader: Martyn T. Smith
Co-Investigator: Lisa Alvarez-Cohen
Grant Number: P42ES004705
Funding Period: 2000-2022

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Final Progress Reports

Year:   2016  2010  2005 

The Administrative Core managed budget and compliance support to Project and Core Leaders, including current year funding and future budget planning. The core has also fulfilled its direct ongoing business administration duties for the program that are not included in basic administrative support such as: a) advising investigators on NIH and university-wide policies and ensuring compliance; b) expediting personnel appointments and visa applications; c) managing all SRP financial transactions from purchasing to contracts; d) tracking expenditures and preparing bimonthly financial reports for the principal investigator and project leaders; and e) managing correspondence with the University and the Agency. The Core planned and coordinated ongoing and specialized discussion and strategy meetings between Program Researchers. They coordinated logistics for visiting scholars and domestic and international collaborating researchers and managed arrangements for their researchers and Trainees to attend scientific meetings. The Core maintained the UC Berkeley Superfund Research Program website. The Core helped to develop and distribute a newsletter about their Program for distribution to a mailing list they maintain. Program Director, Martyn Smith, Ph.D., and Center Administrator William Brockett represented the Program at the 2016 Annual Meeting and EHS Fest in Durham, NC on December 5-9, 2016. Brockett worked with the Trainees to accommodate their recurring meetings as well as seminar travel.

Program Director Smith continued to work with NIH, NIEHS, EPA, WHO, and other research institutions to evaluate state of the art research methods and develop plans to incorporate their findings into increasing the impact of the program’s work. Smith and Stephen Rappaport, Ph.D., continued to develop close working relationships with researchers at Imperial College in London and International Agency for Research in Cancer. They and the Core’s other researchers are deeply involved in research organizations related to their SRP work and are frequently called on to present their work at state, national, and international scientific forums.

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