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Your Environment. Your Health.

Baylor College of Medicine Project List (2020)

Superfund Research Program

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Ultrasensitive Detection, Early-Life Exposures - Clinical Outcomes (Preterm Births, Chronic Lung Disease, and Neurocognitive Deficits), Prevention and Remediation

Center Director: Bhagavatula Moorthy
Grant Number: P42ES027725
Funding Period: 2020-2025

Projects and Cores funded in 2020-2025


Investigating the Role of PAH Exposures Associated with Superfund Site Proximity in Preterm Birth Etiology Through Placental Transcriptomics and Metagenomics
Project Leader: Kjersti M. Aagaard
Funding Period: 2020-2025

Pyrolytic Conversion of PAHs in Contaminated Sediments into Char to Eliminate Toxicity and Enhance Soil Fertility
Project Leader: Pedro J. Alvarez (Rice University)
Funding Period: 2020-2025

Role of Cytochrome P450 (CYP)1A/1B1 Enzymes in the Potentiation of Neonatal Lung Injury in Newborn Mice Exposed Prenatally to PAHs and Increased Risk of Premature Infants to Chronic Lung Disease
Project Leader: Bhagavatula Moorthy
Funding Period: 2020-2025

Streamlined Identification of PAHs/PACs in Environmental Samples Using Ultracompact Spectroscopy Platforms and Machine Learning Strategies
Project Leader: Naomi Halas (Rice University)
Funding Period: 2020-2025


Administrative Core
Project Leader: Bhagavatula Moorthy
Funding Period: 2020-2025

Administrative Core - Research Translation
Project Leader: Melissa Bondy
Funding Period: 2020-2025

Community Engagement Core
Project Leader: Sharon Croisant (University of Texas Medical Branch)
Funding Period: 2020-2025

Data Management and Analysis Core
Project Leader: Susan G. Hilsenbeck
Funding Period: 2020-2025

Research Experience and Training Coordination Core
Project Leader: Theodore G. Wensel
Funding Period: 2020-2025

Research Support Core
Project Leader: Dean Edwards
Funding Period: 2020-2025

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