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Project Publications: University of California-Berkeley: Mapping Proteome-Wide Reactivity of Superfund Chemicals Using Chemoproteomic Platforms

Superfund Research Program

Mapping Proteome-Wide Reactivity of Superfund Chemicals Using Chemoproteomic Platforms

Project Leader: Daniel K. Nomura
Co-Investigator: Christopher Chang
Grant Number: P42ES004705
Funding Period: 2017-2022

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  • Page AC, Scholz SO, Keenan KN, Spradlin JN, Belcher BP, Brittain SM, Tallarico JA, McKenna JM, Schirle M, Nomura DK, Toste FD. 2022. Photo-Brook rearrangement of acyl silanes as a strategy for photoaffinity probe design. Chem Sci 13:doi:10.1039/d2sc00426g



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  • Toh JD, Crossley S, Bruemmer KJ, Ge EJ, He D, Iovan DA, Chang C. 2020. Distinct RNA N-demethylation pathways catalyzed by nonheme iron ALKBH5 and FTO enzymes enable regulation of formaldehyde release rates. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 117:25284-25292. doi:10.1073/pnas.2007349117 PMID:32989163 PMCID:PMC7568336
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