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Project Publications: University of Arizona: Administrative Core

Superfund Research Program

Administrative Core

Project Leader: Raina M. Maier
Co-Investigators: Monica Ramirez-Andreotta, Donna D. Zhang
Grant Number: P42ES004940
Funding Period: 2000-2025
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  • Huerta D, Schobel T, Alexander-Ozinskas A, Hild J, Lauder J, Reynolds P, Von Behren J, Meltzer D, Ramirez-Andreotta M. 2023. Probabilistic risk assessment of residential exposure to metal(loid)s in a mining impacted community. Sci Total Environ 872:162228. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.162228 PMID:36791848 PMCID:PMC1002350
  • Shakya A, Dodson M, Artiola JF, Ramirez-Andreotta M, Root RA, Ding X, Chorover J, Maier RM. 2023. Arsenic in drinking water and diabetes. Water (Basel) 15(9):1751. doi:10.3390/w15091751
  • Zeider K, Manjon I, Betterton EA, Saez AE, Sorooshian A, Ramirez-Andreotta M. 2023. Backyard aerosol pollution monitors: foliar surfaces, dust enrichment, and factors influencing foliar retention. Environ Monit Assess 195(10):1200. doi:10.1007/s10661-023-11752-2 PMID:37700111 PMCID:PMC10636967


  • Rangel-Moreno K, Gamboa-Loira B, Lopez-Carrillo L, Cebrian ME. 2022. Prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in relation to arsenic exposure and metabolism in Mexican women. Environ Res 210:doi:10.1016/j.envres.2022.112948 PMID:35189103


  • Chau BT, Witten M, Cromey DW, Chen Y, Lantz RC. 2021. Lung developmental is altered after inhalation exposure to various concentrations of calcium arsenate. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 432:115754. doi:10.1016/j.taap.2021.115754 PMID:34634286 PMCID:PMC8572171
  • Fairley M, Livera MS, Chen W, Monteiro J, Schmitt A, de Bettencourt-Dias A, Roberts SA, Zheng Z. 2021. Metal organic frameworks of lanthanide iminodiacetates and tartrates: Synthesis, structural characterization and luminescence properties Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Academician Guangxian Xu. J. Rare Earths 39:doi:10.1016/j.jre.2021.01.019
  • Gamboa-Loira B, Cebrian ME, Lopez-Carrillo L. 2021. Physical activity, body mass index and arsenic metabolism among Mexican women. Environ Res 195:doi:10.1016/j.envres.2021.110869 PMID:33581084
  • Heusinkveld D, Ramirez-Andreotta M, Rodriguez-Chavez TB, Saez AE, Betterton EA, Rine K. 2021. Assessing children's lead exposure in an active mining community using the integrated exposure uptake biokinetic model. Expo Health 17:doi:10.1007/s12403-021-00400-0 PMID:34532608 PMCID:PMC8439183
  • Kaufmann D, Hamidi N, Palawat K, Ramirez-Andreotta M. 2021. Ripple effect: communicating water quality data through sonic vibrations. Creativity and Cognition 1-7. doi:10.1145/3450741.3464947
  • Ramirez-Andreotta M, Walls R, Youens-Clark K, Blumberg K, Isaacs K, Kaufmann D, Maier RM. 2021. Alleviating environmental health disparities through community science and data integration. Front Sustain Food Sys 5:620470. doi:10.3389/fsufs.2021.620470 PMID:35664667 PMCID:PMC9165534
  • Schmidlin C, Tian W, Dodson M, Chapman E, Zhang DD. 2021. FAM129B-dependent activation of NRF2 promotes an invasive phenotype in BRAF mutant melanoma cells. Mol Carcinog doi:10.1002/mc.23295 PMID:33684228 PMCID:PMC8189631


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  • Schmidlin C, de la Vega MR, Perer J, Zhang DD, Wondrak GT. 2020. Activation of NRF2 by topical apocarotenoid treatment mitigates radiation-induced dermatitis. Redox Biol 37:101714. doi:10.1016/j.redox.2020.101714 PMID:32927319 PMCID:PMC7494798


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