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University of Arizona

Superfund Research Program

Administrative Core

Project Leader: A. Jay Gandolfi
Co-Investigator: Raina M. Maier
Grant Number: P42ES004940
Funding Period: 2000-2025

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Project Summary (2005-2010)

The Administrative Core is responsible for the supervision, direction, planning, coordination, and financial accountability of the university’s entire Superfund Basic Research Program. The PI, Co-Pi, and this Core are ultimately responsible to NIEHS. The overall objectives are:

  1. To manage and coordinate the research projects and support cores to ensure attainment of the Program's proposed research and service objectives;
  2. To interact with NIEHS and stakeholders to facilitate transfer of the program’s research outcomes for risk assessment, intervention, and hazardous waste site containment or remediation;
  3. To provide guidance for the direction of the university’s SBRP;
  4. to "leverage" the Program's research with other sources of support in order to expand its research base and ability to test and transfer new risk assessment, intervention, and remediation technologies; and
  5. To promote the exchange of scientific information at all levels. The Administrative Core handles all the financial aspects concerning the SBRP and associated projects. To stimulate new collaboration or efforts the Administrative Core supports pilot studies. The Administrative Core seeks input from its Advisory Boards and stakeholders to assure SBRP investigations are timely and focused. Finally the Administrative Core, in conjunction with the Research Translation Core, is the conduit for information to stakeholders and its contact with the public.
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