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Datasets: Columbia University

Superfund Research Program

Health Effects and Geochemistry of Arsenic

Center Director: Ana Navas-Acien
Grant Number: P42ES010349
Funding Period: 2000-2021

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Total number of records: 7

Dataset Title Data Types Data Repository
Arsenic exposure, Vit D, Th17 cells and IL17A cytokine Data Set Underlying data from publication figshare
Arsenic PAH Immune Function.xlsx Clinical data figshare
Changes in human peripheral blood mononuclear cell (HPBMC) populations and T-cell subsets associated with arsenic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon exposures in a Bangladesh cohort Clinical data figshare
Cricetulus griseus mitochondrion, complete genome Nucleotide Sequence GenBank
Data from: Mediation analysis demonstrates that trans-eQTLs are often explained by cis-mediation: a genome-wide analysis among 1,800 South Asians Genotype/Phenotype Dryad
Exposure to arsenic at different life-stages and DNA methylation meta-analysis in buccal cells and leukocytes Code GitHub
Sex-related changes in gene expression patterns of adults exposed to arsenic contaminated drinking water Gene Expression Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)

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