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Datasets: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Superfund Research Program

The MIT Superfund Research Program: A Systems Approach for the Protection of Human Health from Hazardous Chemicals

Center Director: Bevin P. Engelward
Grant Number: P42ES027707
Funding Period: 2017-2027
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Total number of records: 3

Dataset Title Data Types Data Repository
CometChip® and TempO-Seq®: A high-throughput 96-well platform to measure and classify DNA damaging agents in human HepaRG™ Cells [HCC3] Gene Expression Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)
Excision of mutagenic replication-blocking lesions suppresses cancer but promotes cytotoxicity and lethality in nitrosamine-exposed mice Underlying data from publication FAIRDOMHub
Identification of Src Family Kinases as potential therapeutic targets for chemotherapy-resistant triple negative breast cancer Gene Expression Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)

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