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This page contains multimedia resources related to the work and mission of the NIEHS Worker Training Program (WTP), including links to mobile training applications, webinars, and podcasts on site-specific hazards.

Mobile Applications

Disaster Preparedness App

The NIEHS/CPWR Disaster Preparedness mobile app allows workers exposed to hazards on disaster sites to access a full suite of awareness-level training resources with a simple tap of the screen. From within the app, users can select and download training materials on a variety of disaster types and related topics. Once downloaded, the materials can be accessed anytime, anywhere—no Internet connection required. Training topics include: Avian Influenza, Chemical Incidents,COVID-19, Debris Removal, Dirty Bombs, Earthquakes, Ebola, Floods, Hurricanes, Mold Cleanup and Treatment, Oil Spills, Pathogen Safety Data Guide, and Wildfires. Some training materials are available in more than one language.


Training Tools (ePub Format)

The National Clearinghouse creates training tools to aid in the development of awareness-level courses or other awareness-level materials. These tools provide health and safety guidance to those involved in disaster response and cleanup activities. Companion booklets are pocket guides that can be distributed with the training and used as a resource when workers are on a disaster site. To order hard copies of these booklets, please complete the Booklet Order Form.



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