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Right to Understand

Target populations for training programs funded by the NIEHS Worker Training Program (WTP) include those who may face language, cultural, and literacy barriers to employment – including immigrants, minorities, and non-English speaking workers. Many WTP-funded training programs have bilingual instructors, offer English as a Second Language components, and provide training materials in languages other than English in order to meet the needs of non-English speaking trainees. In addition, several WTP disaster response training tools have been translated into multiple languages, helping to ensure that workers receive health and safety information in a language and vocabulary they understand. Links to these foreign language materials are located below, along with additional resources that address safety and health training for non-English speaking workers, and language and literacy issues in underserved worker populations.

Training Resources

WTP Foreign Language Training Materials

The National Clearinghouse creates training tools to aid in the development of awareness-level courses or other awareness-level materials. These tools provide health and safety guidance to those involved in disaster response and cleanup activities. Companion booklets are pocket guides that can be distributed with the training and used as a resource when workers are on a disaster site. Several of these training tools and booklets are available in more than one language. The following list indicates the various training tool topics and the languages in which they are available. Please click on the links below to access and download these materials from the relevant disaster response page:

*Additional training resources on hurricane/flood cleanup hazards and mold remediation are available in Spanish (Español) and Vietnamese on our Hurricanes & Floods page.

The WTP, with support from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, has also developed three unique sets of awareness-level training materials – one for disaster workers, one for disaster supervisors, and one for disaster care providers – that are designed to educate and empower those impacted by disasters to recognize signs and symptoms of disaster work-related stress, obtain support through an employer/organization or community resources, and build resilience by understanding stress reduction and coping strategies. These materials and related fact sheets are available in both English and Spanish (Español). Please visit our Responder & Community Resilience page to access and download these materials.

WTP Awardee Resources

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WTP Technical Workshops

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