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Emerging Issues

Additional health and safety training approaches are necessary to address emerging health and safety concerns for the hazardous waste workforce. This section focuses on occupational hazards associated with emerging industries and technologies, and the risks workers and communities face as the consequences of climate change become more apparent.

alternative energy

Alternative Energy

Technology innovation and concerns surrounding the impacts of climate change have led to the emergence of “green” industries that aim to reduce hazardous emissions and the use of hazardous materials. This page offers resources on occupational health hazards associated with alternative energy sources and the implications for worker training.

fracking diagram

Fracking/Hydraulic Fracturing

Resources on this page address environmental and occupational health hazards associated with hydraulic fracturing operations, also known as fracking.

electron microscopy


Workers who create and handle nanomaterials should be trained on the hazards they face. This page features resources that explore worker health and safety and environmental health and safety issues related to the expanding field of nanotechnology.

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