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Ebola Virus Disease

The NIEHS Worker Training Program (WTP) has been tracking information on Ebola virus disease (EVD) as it pertains to protecting workers involved in emergency response and cleanup activities performed in the United States. Eight WTP awardees are providing safety training for workers in a range of high-risk occupations. This page contains health and safety resources for workers who may be at risk of exposure to the Ebola virus.

Training Resources

WTP Resources

WTP Awardee Resources

The following resources have been developed by organizations affiliated with the WTP and may have relevance in whole, or in part, to current training needs related to EVD.

WTP Technical Workshops

General Ebola Information

Federal Resources

State Resources

Please refer to your local and state Department of Health for additional state-specific guidance on the Ebola virus.

Other Organizations

Guidance by Topic Area

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Use

Cleanup of Contaminated Objects

Transport of Contaminated Objects

Workplace and Job-Specific Guidance

Response Outside the U.S.

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