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Curricula Catalog Course Details

Course Title: Methamphetamine Awareness
Type of Course: Emerg. Resp. for Specific Hazards
Description: This course provides basic methamphetamine awareness and safety education for front-line officers and first-responders who, while carrying out their routine duties, may come in contact with a clandestine laboratory. Participants learn to recognize precursors, equipment, and supplies used in the manufacture of methamphetamine, gain an understanding of the unique hazards of clandestine laboratories, and receive critical information to reduce their chances of injury.
Training Provider: OAI
Instructor Qualifications: Instructor must be certified in an approved 40 hr HAZWOPER course, Meth Awareness course and have taken a Train-The-Trainer course.
Languages: English
Open enrollment: Yes
Delivery Method: Classroom-based
Course Hours: 4
Credits: N/A
Intended Audience: Emergency Responders who may come in contact with Methamphetamine Labs.
Prerequisites: None.
Caveats: N/A
Special Instructions: N/A

Course Owner:
Sanobeia Brima
Phone: 312-528-3500
Fax: 312-528- 3501



Course Materials:

Methamphetamine Awareness Course Outline ( Other )

NOTES: Methamphetamine Awareness Outline.

Power Point Presentation ( Slide , 95 slides )