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Course Details

Curricula Catalog Course Details

Course Title: Introduction to Green Weatherization/Awareness & Hands-on Training
Type of Course: Basic Construction Skills
Description: This course is designed for individuals who will be engaged in the hands-on application of residential weatherization. The course focuses on providing trainees with a broad understanding of the concepts and processes of green weatherization materials and application techniques. It is intended to be taught after the completion of the 40-hour Introduction to Green Building and Weatherization Awareness course. It is designed for comprehension at the 8th grade literacy level, and is a combination of lectures, videos and hands-on exercises. The course is divided into eight sections: Section 1 Green Weatherization Refresher; Section 2 Mold Awareness; Section 3 Exterior Caulking and Sealing; Section 4 Weatherstripping Doors and Windows; Section 5 Foaming and Caulking Envelope Penetrations; Section 6 Installing Insulation; Section 7 Electrical Outlet Gasket Installation; and Section 8 Radiant Barrier Installation.
Training Provider: CPWR – The Center for Construction Research and Training
Instructor Qualifications: Strong experiential and/or educational background in subject matter; journeyperson level carpentry or general construction certification.
Languages: English
Open enrollment: No
Delivery Method: Classroom-based
Course Hours: 40
Credits: N/A
Intended Audience: Individuals entering the workforce for the first time with a minimum 8th grade comprehension literacy level or re-entering the workforce who may possess little or limited construction skills.
Prerequisites: Introduction to Green Building & Weatherization Awareness course, if 40-hour Green Weatherization/Awareness & Hands-on Training being taught. Can teach only 32-hour Hands-on Curriculum.
Caveats: This 40-hour course is intended to be taught in conjunction with An Introduction to Green Building/Weatherization Awareness course. However, it may be taught separately by excluding the 8-hour refresher curriculum extracted from above-subject course. The balance of the curriculum comprises a 32-hour green weatherization curriculum incorporating lectures, videos, and hands-on exercises.
Special Instructions: The package of materials available to teach this course includes: PowerPoint® presentations with embedded videos, job sheets, weatherization review test, and a case study. The course curriculum and associated participant manual can be found at The instructor materials and resources are password protected at but can be accessed via contacting CPWR-The Center for Construction Research and Training MWTP Consortium by e-mailing

Gary Gustafson
CPWR - The Center for Construction Research and Training
8484 Georgia Avenue
Suite 1000
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: 301-578-8500

Course Owner:
Jerry Repka II
Phone: 504-208-9561

Course Materials:

Introduction to Green Weatherization/Awareness & Hands-On Training ( Manual )

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