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Course Title: Microbial Remediation
Type of Course: Microbial Remediation
Description: Provides a description of molds and mildews and their characteristics. The course discusses health effects, sampling, personal protective equipment, decontamination and work area preperation and remediation techniques.
Training Provider: Laborers' International Union of North America Training and Education Fund
Instructor Qualifications: Experience in construction and/or environmental remediation. Must have taken the 80-Hour Hazardous Waste Worker Course, the Hazardous Waste Basic Instructor Technical Training and course specific instructor training. Must attend annual instructor refresher training.
Languages: English
Open enrollment: Yes
Delivery Method: Classroom-based
Course Hours: 24
Credits: N/A
Intended Audience: Workers who have training and/or experience in construction and may or will be employed at a microbial remediation site or who may encounter mold, mildew or other indoor air pollutants at their job site.
Prerequisites: N/A
Caveats: 15 students per class. Mock site development and use. Complete sets of training equipment. Performance and written evaluations. Two instructors per class on mock site (or one instructor for five trainees at mock site and for practicals).
Special Instructions: The manuals are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or used without written permission from Laborers-AGC Education and Training Fund.

Cynthia Herleikson
Laborers' International Union of North America
10 Murdock Road
PO Box 37
Pomfret Center, CT 06259
Phone: 860-974-0800
Fax: 860-974-1459

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Course Materials:

Microbial Remediation Participant Guide ( Manual , 06/2003 , 212 )

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