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Your Environment. Your Health.

Michigan State University Project List (2012)

Superfund Research Program

Environmental, Microbial, and Mammalian Biomolecular Responses to AhR Ligands

Center Director: Norbert E. Kaminski
Grant Number: P42ES004911
Funding Period: 1989-2027

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Projects and Cores funded in 2006-2013


A Proteomic Analysis of the AHR signaling Network
Project Leader: John J. LaPres
Funding Period: 2006-2013

Characterization of the Pathways Linking Ah Receptor Activation with Altered B Cell Differentiation Using an Integrated Experimental and Computational Modeling Approach
Project Leader: Norbert E. Kaminski
Funding Period: 2000-2020

Dissecting the Signaling Network for Ah Receptor-mediated B-cell Toxicity
Project Leader: Russell S. Thomas (The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences)
Funding Period: 2006-2020

Geochemical Controls on the Adsorption, Bioavailability, and Long-term Environmental Fate of Dioxins, PCBs, and PAHs
Project Leader: Stephen A. Boyd
Funding Period: 2006-2020

Influence of Ah Receptor Ligands on Inflammatory Responses: Consequences for Tissue Injury and Gene Expression
Project Leader: Patricia E. Ganey
Funding Period: 2006-2013

Molecular Insight into Polyaromatic Toxicant Degradation by Microbial Communities
Project Leader: James M. Tiedje
Funding Period: 2000 - 2013

Non-Additive Ah Receptor Ligand Interactions
Project Leader: Timothy R. Zacharewski
Funding Period: 2006-2020


Administrative Core
Project Leader: Norbert E. Kaminski
Funding Period: 1995-2020

Biomedical Informatics Core
Project Leader: Russell S. Thomas (The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences)
Funding Period: 2006-2013

Computational Modeling of Mammalian Biomolecular Responses Core
Project Leader: Melvin E. Andersen (ScitoVation LLC)
Funding Period: 2006-2020

Environmental Molecular Analysis Core
Project Leader: Gerben J. Zylstra (Rutgers University)
Funding Period: 2006-2020

Research Translation Core
Project Leader: James E. Trosko
Funding Period: 2006-2020

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