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Your Environment. Your Health.

University of California-Davis Project List (2014)

Superfund Research Program

Biomarkers of Exposure to Hazardous Substances

Center Director: Bruce D. Hammock
Grant Number: P42ES004699
Funding Period: 1987-2023

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Projects and Cores funded in 2010-2015


Assessing the Adverse Effects of Environmental Hazards on Reproductive Health
Project Leader: Bill L. Lasley
Funding Period: 1995-2015

Development and Application of Integrated In Vitro and Cell-Based Bioassays
Project Leader: Michael S. Denison
Funding Period: 1995-2015

Development of Rapid, Miniaturized Biosensors
Project Leader: Ian M. Kennedy
Funding Period: 2000-2015

Immunoassays for Human and Environmental Monitoring
Project Leader: Shirley J. Gee
Funding Period: 1995-2023

Nanoscale Materials in the Environment and their Health Effects
Project Leader: Ian M. Kennedy
Funding Period: 2010-2015

Transport, Transformation, and Remediation of Contaminants in the Environment
Project Leader: Kate M. Scow
Funding Period: 1995-2015

Urinary Protein Biomarkers for Assessing the Potential Toxicity of Naphthalene in Humans
Project Leader: Alan R. Buckpitt
Funding Period: 2010-2015


Administrative Core
Project Leader: Bruce D. Hammock
Funding Period: 1995-2023

Analytical Chemistry
Project Leader: Bruce D. Hammock
Funding Period: 1995-2023

Proteome Response to Toxic Perturbation
Project Leader: Dietmar Kültz
Funding Period: 2010-2015

Research Translation Core
Project Leader: Candace Bever
Funding Period: 2005-2023

Training Core
Project Leader: Pamela J. Lein
Funding Period: 1995-2023

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