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SRP Search Tools

Superfund Research Program

The SRP has five tools to help you learn more about the projects and researchers funded by the Program. Refer to the Search Tips page for additional information.

These tools search only the SRP webpages and databases. For NIEHS-wide searches, please use the NIEHS search tool, located in the white page banner at the top of any NIEHS webpage.

Faceted Search

The Faceted Search allows you to apply one or more filters to browse information about SRP projects. Filters include chemicals studied, health outcomes, environmental media, and remediation approaches.

Search results are returned in alphabetical order by grant recipient organization and project title.

Dataset List Search

The Datasets List provides a summary table showing datasets that SRP researchers have created or used. Use the search box to enter keywords or phrases. Use the pull-down menu to limit search results by Dataset Title, Data Types, or Data Repository table columns.

Dataset Publication Search

The Dataset Publication Search tool searches only SRP publications associated with the datasets in SRP's Datasets List.

This tool allows you to search for keywords, phrases, or names in SRP publication titles, journal names, book titles, author lists, abstracts, and MeSH terms. DOIs, PMIDs, and PMCIDs are also searched when available.

Search results are returned ordered by year and then in alphabetical order by author.

Refer to the Search Tips page for additional information to customize your search.

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