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Who We Fund

Superfund Research Program

The Superfund Research Program (SRP), as authorized by the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986, conducts scientific research to address a wide array of complex scientific problems related to hazardous substances. Solutions for the resulting environmental health problems require the expertise of multiple scientific and engineering disciplines. Grant recipients funded by SRP are expected to deliver fundamentally sound science to inform improvements in human health, while providing data and other information to assist the risk assessment and remediation management of Superfund and other hazardous waste sites.

  • Multiproject Center Grants (P42) - Grants funded under the Superfund Research Program must be multiproject, interdisciplinary efforts that bring together researchers from different scientific disciplines. The "P42" designation is the NIH activity code that identifies a special multiproject center application or grant.
  • Individual Research Grants (R01) - These grants are awarded for individual research projects to address specific issues that complement the multiproject research centers.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training Education Programs on Emerging Technologies (R25) - These grants are awarded to Institutes of Higher Education to develop continuing education and academic curricula on occupational health and safety management practices in the areas of emerging technologies (e.g., emerging hazardous waste products, green chemistry, and sustainable remediation) to industrial hygienists and graduate students involved in the evaluation, management, and handling of hazardous substances.
  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) (R43/44) Grants - These grants are awarded to foster the commercialization of technologies, products and devices developed by the SRP and others. The SRP SBIR grants are made under the NIEHS Omnibus Solicitation. Please refer to the NIEHS Topics of Special Interest.
  • Time-Sensitive Research Grants (R21) - This funding opportunity supports environmental health research in which an unpredictable event has provided a limited window of opportunity to collect human biological samples or environmental exposure data. The primary motivation of the funding opportunity is to understand the consequences of natural and man-made disasters or emerging environmental public health threats in the U.S. and abroad.

Previously Funded Grant Programs

  • Exploratory / Developmental Research Grants (R21) - This funding mechanism encourages new exploratory and developmental research projects by providing support for the early and conceptual stages of projects. The SRP does not currently fund any research under this mechanism, and there are no active or planned solicitations.
  • Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) (R41/42) - In addition to the SBIR mechanism, STTR grants facilitated technology transfer through cooperative research and development between small businesses and research institutions. The SRP does not currently fund any research under this mechanism, and there are no active or planned solicitations.
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