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Your Environment. Your Health.

University of Albany - SUNY

Superfund Research Program

Epidemiology/Biostatistics Core

Project Leader: Maria J. Schymura
Grant Number: P42ES004913
Funding Period: 1995 - 2000

Project-Specific Links

Project Summary (1995-2000)

The objectives of the Epidemiology/Biostatistics Core are threefold: to provide technical and logistic support to the program projects; to engage in community outreach; and, to continue assessing the exposure of PCB's, p,p'-DDE, mirex, and HCB in the Mohawk community, with emphasis on older adults. As part of its support function, the Epidemiology/ Biostatistics Core is responsible for coordinating all recruitment and data collection activities at Akwesasne and providing biostatistical support to all program projects and students on the training core. As part of its outreach efforts, this core develops a risk profile for the adult Mohawk population. This core also compares mortality and morbidity from cancer and other diseases among the Mohawk population with that of other upstate New York populations. As part of its exposure assessment function, the Epidemiology/Biostatistics Core assesses the dietary, occupational, and residential exposures of randomly selected Mohawk men and women 35 years of age or older to 68 individual PCB congeners, total PCB, p,p'-DDE, mirex, and HCB.

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