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Dartmouth College

Superfund Research Program

Administrative Core

Project Leader: Celia Y. Chen
Grant Number: P42ES007373
Funding Period: 2000-2021

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Project Summary (2014-2021)

The Administrative Core serves as the central organizing structure for the SRP. Its primary roles are to provide leadership; administrative and accounting support for the SRP; coordinate activities within the program; facilitate cross-disciplinary research, especially between biomedical and non-biomedical projects; serve as a communications facilitator and source of information for SRP stakeholders and the External Advisory Committee (EAC), the media, and the general public; coordinate and facilitate research translation and community engagement activities for the program; coordinate and facilitate the education and training programs; coordinate and facilitate the planning and oversight functions of the program; and assist in other administrative and communications activities as necessary.

This office is staffed by an Office/Financial Manager, an Administrative/Financial Assistant, the Research Translation Coordinator and Core Leader, the Community Engagement Coordinator and Core Leader, and the Director and Associate Director of the program. These activities are achieved in a transparent manner by the collaborative interaction of Administrative Core faculty and staff with the entire SRP faculty, with input and guidance from the SRP EAC. Every Monday the Director meets with the Administrative Core staff for 1-2 hours to discuss and plan core activities. Every other week the Director meets with the PLs and coordinators of the Research Translation and Community Engagement Cores to discuss and plan core activities. In addition, once a month the SRP Executive Committee, composed of all Leaders and Co-Leaders of all projects and Cores, meets to discuss, review and coordinate all aspects of the program. The Core hosts weekly seminars, an annual “Superfun Day” for SRP trainees, and a program retreat. They also administer a pilot project program funded with Dartmouth financial support and they enhance and facilitate cross disciplinary training and collaboration. Once a year the EAC visits to provide guidance on the scientific merit of the program’s research, the relevance of all program components, the integration of research among all projects, the appropriateness of program training activities, and the effectiveness of research translation and community engagement.

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