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Amsen Technologies, LLC

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Superfund Research Program

Low-temperature Electrocatalytic Oxidation of VOCs

Project Leader: Hongxing Hu
Grant Number: R43ES013614
Funding Period: Phase I: 2004-2005


In this program, AMSEN Technologies is developing a novel electrocatalytic air filter for low-temperature oxidative destruction of VOCs. The filter is an innovative combination of electrochemically enhanced adsorption, electrocatalysis, and catalytic reactions. Compared to currently available facilities of catalytic oxidation of VOCs, the electrocatalytic filter to be developed would have advantages of higher catalytic activities, significantly reduced light-off temperatures, improved poisoning resistance, better thermal and chemical stability, and having an effective in-situ regeneration capability. This filter may be particularly suitable for complete oxidation of very low concentration of VOCs in air streams. The design makes use of cheap, well-developed, and readily available components. The technology involves no high-tech methods and requires no affiliated facilities. Therefore, the investment of this technology is very low and the commercialization potential is high. AMSEN will establish the concept feasibility in the Phase I work. In Phase II, a prototype of the proposed system will be developed and tested in an actual industrial or commercial environment.

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