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Dataset Details (SRP043435)

Superfund Research Program

Title: Super-Enhancer-mediated Control of Liver Fibrosis by BET Bromodomain Proteins

Accession Number: SRP043435

Link to Dataset:

Repository: Sequence Read Archive (SRA)

Data Type(s): Nucleotide Sequence

Organism(s): Homo sapiens

Summary: Here, we investigate the role of enhancers in myofibroblasts, a cell type that dominates the pathogenesis and progression of tissue fibrosis. We reveal that bromodomain and extra-terminal family members (BETs), an important group of epigenetic readers, are critical for super-enhancer-mediated pro-fibrotic gene expression in hepatic stellate cells (HSCs, lipid-containing liver-specific pericytes), upon activation during liver fibrogenesis give rise to myofibroblasts2-4. We observe significantly enriched localization of BETs to hundreds of super-enhancers associated with genes involved in multiple pro-fibrotic pathways. This unique loading pattern consequentially serves as a molecular mechanism by which BETs modulate pro-fibrotic gene expression in myofibroblasts. Strikingly, suppression of BET-enhancer interaction using small-molecule inhibitors such as JQ1 dramatically blocks activation of HSCs into myofibroblasts and significantly compromises the proliferation of activated HSCs. Overall design: Identification of BRD2, BRD3, BRD4, PolII, PolIIs2p and PolIIs5p binding sites in human stellate LX2 cells that were treated with DMSO (0.1 ) or JQ1 (500nM) for 16 hrs.

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