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Dataset Details (GSE27902)

Superfund Research Program

Title: Non-small-cell lung tumor and normal lung tissue methylation

Accession Number: GSE27902

Link to Dataset:

Repository: Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)

Data Type(s): Gene Expression

Experiment Type(s): Methylation profiling by array

Organism(s): Homo sapiens

Summary: Using paired tumor and non-tumor lung tissues from 47 individuals we identified common changes in DNA methylation associated with the development of non-small cell lung cancer. Pathologically normal lung tissue taken at the time of cancer resection was matched to tumorous lung tissue and together were probed for methylation status using Illumina GoldenGate arrays. For each matched pair the change in methylation at each CpG was calculated (the odds ratio), and these ratios were averaged across individuals and ranked by magnitude to identify the CpG’s with the greatest change in methylation associated with tumor development.

Publication(s) associated with this dataset:
  • Nelson HH, Marsit CJ, Christensen BC, Houseman E, Kontic M, Wiemels JL, Karagas MR, Zheng S, Wiencke JK, Kelsey KT. 2012. Key epigenetic changes associated with lung cancer development: results from dense methylation array profiling. Epigenetics 7(6):559-566. doi:10.4161/epi.20219 PMID:22522909 PMCID:PMC3398985
Project(s) associated with this dataset:
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