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Dataset Details (doi:10.6073/pasta/8d29fb1a5e87e94801038475ec437366)

Superfund Research Program

Title: Female mouse 60d water uranium exposure

Accession Number: doi:10.6073/pasta/8d29fb1a5e87e94801038475ec437366

Link to Dataset:

Repository: EDI Data Portal (Environmental Data Initiative)

Data Type(s): Chemical & Chemical Biology, Exposure Data

Organism(s): Mus musculus

Summary: Female mice were exposed to uranium in the drinking water for 60 days. Doses of uranium (in the form of uranyl acetate) were 0, 5, and 50 ppb. We examined 1) immune function of splenocytes (mitogenesis) 2) lymphocyte population subsets in the bone marrow, spleen and thymus (flow cytometry) 3) erythroid cell differentiation in the bone marrow (flow cytometry) 4) uranium concentrations in kidney, femur bone, liver, blood spleen thymus and bone marrow (ICP-MS).

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