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Patent Detail: Inhibitors of Epoxide Hydrolases for the Treatment of Hypertension

Patent Detail

Superfund Research Program

Inhibitors of Epoxide Hydrolases for the Treatment of Hypertension

Number: 6,693,130
Year: 2004
Patent Status: Issued
Authors: Kroetz, D.L., D.C. Zeldin, B.D. Hammock, C. Morisseau

The invention provides compounds that inhibit epoxide hydrolase in therapeutic applications for treating hypertension. A preferred class of compounds for practicing the invention have the structure shown by ##STR1## wherein R is alkyl or aryl, the compound is trans-across the epoxide ring, OX is a carbonyl (.dbd.O) or hydroxy group (OH) and R' is a H, alkyl or aryl group. The invention further provides methods of identifying patients at increased risk for hypertension, comprising assaying for epoxide hydrolase activity in a urine sample from the patient. In particular, the assays comprise determining the amount of dihydroxyeicosatrienoic acids (DHETs), determining the amount of epoxyeicosatrienoic acids (EETs) in said sample, or determining the amount of both DHETs and EETs in said sample.

Associated Projects:

  • University of California-Davis: Immunoassays for Human and Environmental Health Monitoring
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